improve video with CinemaHD

CinemaHD improves the quality of digital video recordings. According to the manufacturer, the optimizer makes even with the phone recorded clips fit for the home DVD player and Co. Now try and improve video.

improve video with CinemaHD

For this purpose uses a technology called CinemaHD ODU (Object Detection Upscaling). This should be able to prevent loss of quality when scaling or better disguise than is possible with previously conventional optimization algorithms such as Spline or Lanczos.

CinemaHD improve videoimprove video? With CinemaHD that is possible. (Image: Screenshot CinemaHD)

improve video quality with CinemaHD

Thanks to this operation is not only spices up mobile movies on, but also evaluates conventional video DVDs without much effort to High Definition movies. Conveniently, CinemaHD expects the clips so that no annoying black bars arise. Should this indeed be unavoidable, they are cut at the request easily automated away and can improve a video.

Enable free full version:

Note: During installation you will be prompted to register with your name and an email address from the manufacturer. After clicking on one delivered by e-mail confirmation link you will receive the activation data for the free full version also via electronic mail. In addition, the setup offers to install a program called Software Informer. This tool is not required for the function of the full version. Some virus scanners Software Informer can lead to so-called heuristic hits.