Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes

With the Lotus Notes Download (Now IBM Notes), companies receive a program that is linked in addition to traditional functions of an e-mail clients, mainly employees using a database system layered together. The tool combines Calendar, email, social networks, chat, presence awareness, Web conferencing and business applications together. Moreover, the application in offline mode is fully functional.

Lotus Notes Download optimized operation of the employee

The application Lotus Notes, which comes as a client for the user on the PC, was renamed in March 2013 to IBM Notes. The server-side product that belongs to the whole system, named Lotus Domino, are referred to both Notes and Domino database databases.
With the download of Lotus Notes desktop client for employees is provided to increase the basis of its versatile features productivity and to optimize communication with each other and to the outside. Here are four key areas to be covered: centralized access to global communication, take advantage of the own network, nomadic, flexible way of working and amalgamation of individual areas and applications.

Lotus Notes Download

Tools for networked working in Lotus Notes

Today known as the IBM Notes client brings a variety of tools that can operate directly from the desktop of the user. The usual features that need to access the employees daily, such as emails, calendar and contacts are easy to use and readily available with intuitive interface. In addition, availability of colleagues, rooms and technical equipment can be as check Beamer and plan. In addition, a chat tool and presence awareness are integrated to check the presence of colleagues and to facilitate contact.

Download Lotus Notes Calendar

More than just an email client for business

Compared to the wide range of e-mail client downloads, it concerns with Lotus Notes to a complex groupware with a focus on the network and its employees. Transparency within the network and to streamline communication with colleagues, partners, etc. provide various social components. Thus, the employees of IBM Lotus Quickr and IBM Connections can access and find there profiles, files, team areas, and other information. Access to Connection saves a lot of time in searching for specific people or topics. In addition, a search with tags is possible.

Lotus Notes Download Connection

Knowledge sharing and project management

In Lotus Notes download additional database templates are included, which give the user freedom for ideas and creativity as well as a lively exchange with each other. Discussion databases, virtual environments for innovative ideas or databases on a project basis are available to employees. So let current project developments, see and optimally plan the next steps of the project.

Adaptable software group for individual work

So that every employee can create the best work for themselves, the software can be adapted in many ways. Thus, the user can create various widgets to get direct access to certain tools. In addition, third-party solutions can be integrated into the client.
Thanks to applied replication technology employees can work fully without power. All new rules associated and adjustments are synchronized the next time access via the Domino server. Who in addition IBM Notes Traveler uses, can be accessed with almost any device on his mail.