Paragon ExtFS for Windows

Paragon ExtFS for Windows

Paragon ExtFS for Windows brings to the operating system from Redmond Linux. Also Win PCs read from hard drives after installing the freeware that has been formatted with different EXT versions.

Paragon ExtFS Download: support for Linux file systems

In detail, Paragon ExtFS goes for Windows with Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, and this program is according to the manufacturer the only one in a position to bridge the gap between ext4 and Windows. This crossing in both directions, that is the import of files is possible as well as the export. Also creates or modifies Paragon ExtFS for Windows folder structures, copies files and whatever else accrues to operations on hard drives. Conveniently, the interface also supports network drives, which proves to be very useful example for NAS volumes.

Paragon ExtFS Download

By the way: For access to Mac disks Paragon HFS Plus for Windows, offers, which we also offer for download. In addition, the provider holds, in the Web App Paragon Drivers provides further solutions that put an end to the language barrier between operating systems. Also this app can be found in our software catalog. Paragon ExtFS allows Windows to read and write access to the popular Linux file systems. The driver of the freeware ensure that Windows can read the file systems Ext2, Ext3 and Ext4 without any additional software and writing.

Limitations of Paragon ExtFS for Windows

Free for personal use.