Smileys for WhatsApp - more emoji for the Messenger

Smileys for WhatsApp – more emoji for the Messenger

Whom the current Smileys for WhatsApp not enough can increase his repertoire of funny photos with an app significantly. Here’s all the info!

Smileys, emoticons and emoji are now almost classical communication. With shooting and stabbing weapons, animals, buildings, food or cigarette in combination with an alcoholic drink every conversation is more colorful and funny. not enough Bildchen whom the via Android and Messenger made available, get with the WhatsApp smileys download huge supplies.

New smileys for WhatsApp

Eager Android users waiting for the new emoji, which are hold with Unicode 8 on the smartphone feeder. If that takes too long, which can take in advance with a specially tailored to WhatsApp application Color your daily display. Whether Super Mario or the Statue of Liberty, whether racing cars or silent beauties, the selection of the Smileys for WhatsApp is huge after installing the app.

a big smiley face, with which leaves open the application appears on the display. User can choose from categories such as Smiley, stickers, Memes, icon, animals, love or faces. If you have chosen an image, the iconographic masterpieces can be sent directly via messenger to all contacts. However, the app has one drawback: The pictures are actually pictures and sent as such. So they do not work as the more than 850 different images that are associated with the Android keyboard for the Messenger available, and that integrate both in the text and can also be combined with each other.

Smileys for WhatsApp

communicate creatively with the classic Emojis

If you want to install any extra Smileys for WhatsApp, you can create new words from the combination of different emoji. Especially popular are safe foul language, who have such as a picture puzzle no longer a threatening character, but rather a fairly high entertainment value.

Smileys for WhatsApp swear words

The combinations shown above are the following insults:

  • poor pig
  • Ar hole ***
  • bastard
  • Partykiller
  • Warmduscher

If you like it more entertaining, even create picture puzzles for series, books, movies, or any other category from the plethora of emoji, with a little ingenuity. Thus, almost all can play via WhatsApp games.

The smileys and emoticons will actually create misunderstandings from the world because they are not audible tonality of what is said at least to some extent – symbolically speaking – make audible, is well known. But hardly anyone knows that emoji can be reason for misunderstandings. This is partly due to different cultural backgrounds of users worldwide represented and the other quite simply to ignorance. Who wants to shine with knowledge, here finds decrypts the WhatsApp Smileys importance.