Around WhatsApp on a tablet To use, the messenger must not be installed. We tell you how you can chat on a tablet without a SIM-card with the top dog among the messengers!

an active WhatsApp account for use on the tablet be present - but must - similar to the WhatsApp for PC Download.

use WhatsApp via browser on tablet

Who send and from the tablet of messages via WhatsApp received will must only use WhatsApp Web. The only requirement is - in addition to the existing WhatsApp account - an Internet connection both on your phone and on the tablet. A SIM card is needed only for the registration of the WhatsApp account and does not have to be activated in the tablet. And this is how it works:

Step 1: Open Matching browser

First open a browser that supports the Web WhatsApp on your tablet. This works well with the current versions of Chrome or Firefox. After that, you will access the web application of the Messengers. It seems a QR code that must be scanned with a smartphone.

WhatsApp on tablet

Step 2: Scan QR code

To scan the QR code, WhatsApp has to be started on the smartphone. you are in the menu for the chats, you open the settings and selects here WhatsApp Web. With the scanners of the QR code is now read and activate the connection between two devices.

WhatsApp on Tablet Smartphone

Step 3: WhatsApp on your tablet

As long as both devices are online, can use all the functions of the Messengers also via tablet via WhatsApp Web. Users can not only send and receive messages, but also files such as videos or pictures to send, create group chats or customize profile picture and the personal status. However, the application reflects on the tablet only what actually happens on the smartphone. That is, ultimately, all data on the phone will be shipped, so the phone with Wi-Fi should be particularly associated with the transmission of large amounts of data.

Tip: If you use WhatsApp Web on a tablet, the other people have access, you should remember to log out. Did you forget to do this, you can withdraw via smartphone under the new call WhatsApp Web by all registered devices. Also, if you just can not access them.

Via use APK Download WhatsApp on your tablet

A somewhat complicated, but working alternative to WhatsApp Web is to download the APK file on Android devices. These are available officially from Google Play, but here's the WhatsApp for Android download. Advance the security options need to be adjusted in the settings of your tablet and a hook are placed in the Unknown sources. Now the APK file can be downloaded and WhatsApp installed on the tablet. However, it is necessary for this variant is that the tablet has an active SIM card, with a user account on this device can be created.

Alternatively, you can, however, change from smartphone to tablet, if you have already registered on the phone at the Messenger. For this, only the phone number of the smartphone must be specified and then transmitted code is entered on the tablet for verification in the tablet. Exactly how it works, the clip reveals: