finally available for Windows 10: The free Sky Go Windows 10 App Sky brings customers the program on their Windows 10 device. The TV range from sports activities like the Bundesliga or UEFA Champions League to blockbusters and series.

Sky Go Windows 10 App: Mobile pay-TV pleasure

The pay-TV broadcaster Sky has extended its offer. After the Sky Go app is available for iOS for several months and then for some (not all) Android devices was delivered, it is now available for Windows 10. If the app is it is a Universal application that both the Windows 10 computers as well as on tablets and mobile devices such as Lumia can be used 950th The app is part of the Sky Go offering - in other words, to use this offer, the user needs a corresponding subscription at the transmitter. The application also runs fortunately without additional software. In the past, Microsoft Silverlight often had to use, but which often led to problems.

Sky Go Windows 10 App

Sky Go for Windows 10 with top games and series hits

The contents provided the Sky app match the regular Sky Go offering. That is, benefit from the application primarily sports and football fans. The TV channel is not only all the games of the first and second Bundesliga. The next live sports program also includes the UEFA Champions League, the DFB Cup, the European Champions League as well as highlights from the golf and tennis world. In addition, news of the sports world are provided.

TV offering also movies and series fans

But not only football and sports-crazy come with Sky Go for Windows 10 on their costs. The TV service also brings hundreds of Blockbuster to your smartphone or tablet. Also Serienjunkies will not bore you with the app. You can find these at Sky countless series hits like "True Detective" and "The Big Bang Theory". Many of the series can be watched in HD or original.

Divisions TV also Sky Go

But the offer of the Sky Go app Windows 10 is also aimed at families. So the application has a huge area with a special children's program. In it are popular children's films and series included. Practical: There is a child-friendly layout, also can be set parental control.

Who wants to suction up knowledge while watching TV, can see inside the documentation category. There are documentaries in the fields of nature, technology, science, history and society.