M4A Player

With the Download from M4A Player gets asked a very small and very special audio player to the side of the user. The name reflects the main task of the player resist already: He acts as a playback device for M4A audios. Songs can be played individually or on the basis of a playlist.

M4A Player Download: An outlier among audio players

The range of commercial as well as free audio player software has become almost unmanageable. Many of these playback tools have been transformed over time into compact, versatile media player that supports many formats and playback of video files and streams. A format, however, is not supported today by many players: the M4A format. Although it is less popular than the MP3 format, but it will give much better audio quality while taking up much less space. This gap of M4A player can include download. This particular player has close attention to play M4A audios.

M4A Player Download

M4A player relies on simplicity

As can be seen in other products made by VSeven software, the company relies on simplicity. It starts has its name and takes place on the tool palette to the design of the design. Especially the latter falls at start immediately apparent and confused at first a little. The program consists in principle of only one window. This is completely black. There is no menu bar - all functions are displayed as buttons on the surface. The program, however narrow and easily held also has a distinct advantage: users, no matter how well versed they are in contact with the PC can easily handle the tool. Since even the English interface should not be a particularly large hurdle. One thing that stands out, however, when handling and missing, is the drag & Drop feature. That is, titles can not simply be dragged into the box, they have to be complicated and frustrating inquiries on the Open button.

Narrow range of functions in the audio player

It takes you straight to the third category in terms of simplicity: the function palette. Actually, one may it not call range, because the download from M4A player brings only a handful of features. In addition to the simple play tracks the player can play even entire playlists. Playing the user can start or stop on the appropriate buttons such as Play. In addition, a volume control is at hand. In addition, in the player itself create playlists and can be saved. The lists are then located easily using the search function. Audio Player makes sense only as an extension Because the player does not support other formats as M4A audios, it can replace heavy large media player. However, the M4A player could be used as a supplement. Besides the few functions, the look is not particularly convincing.