VideoLAN Movie Creator

VideoLAN Movie Creator

With the VideoLAN Movie Creator Download dare the developers of the well-known VLC media player the step from playing out for editing the video.

VideoLAN Movie Creator download for quick video editing

Reported target the free editor is to afford high-quality work with an easy-to-use software. This concept will appeal to those PC users who have not yet dealt with the matter and / or feel overwhelmed by bloated functionality comparable video editors. According done VideoLAN Movie Creator operations such as precise cuts or putting together multiple clips into a single movie without a jumble of tool palettes, such as those found in some competing product.

However, VideoLAN Movie Creator is still at a very early stage of development. This is the one that still not all planned features are implemented, and on the other hand that is expected to crash or malfunction of the program. Or, as so beautiful formulate the developers: Please keep in mind thatthis is an early release, and did it want (probably) crash many times or eat your dog.

VideoLAN Movie Creator Download