FONIC balances query Charging &: How to

Who wants to know how much money is left on the prepaid card that can be very easily Check FONIC credit. We show the possible routes to the destination. Now all costs FONIC under control!

The mobile offerings FONIC are very popular with users. Thanks to the lack of contracts, and fee the user a high degree of flexibility and independence is offered. In addition, the management and handling - not least using the free downloads of the app FONIC - very easy and comfortable.

Check FONIC credit

Check FONIC balance: Nothing easier than that

As already touched upon, offering FONIC is very customer-oriented design. It begins with the Book, runs through the management of its own flat up to the tariff change. Thus, the query of the account balance is a real breeze. Thus, the provider provides three different ways to balance inquiry. These are explained below.

tip: To get drawn users as a result of carelessness in no expensive extra minutes or megabytes, FONIC are automatically shortly before the end of the credit limit on the current state of progress. Whenever the credit slips under four euros, the user will receive a text message. This service but can be disabled.

Balance query with speed dial

The first opportunity to retrieve his FONIC credit is also offered for other services for years. This is a query via speed dial. The user typed into his cell phone just the speed dial * 101 # and then press the Option key (usually indicated by a green telephone).

Charging query the account balance and balances

Who wants to not only retrieve his credit, but also charge again if necessary, should choose one of the two following options. Prerequisite for both variants is a user account.

FONIC balances query Login

My FONIC LoginWho just sitting at the computer anyway, can log on to this site in FONIC. Write your phone number and password, and you end up with all the data for their own tariff. Here you can not only view the credit, but also to charge the same if it is low.

FONIC app: Even more flexible than the online Login it comes with the app. Who installed the app on his smartphone, can all administrative tasks on the road to make and always keeps everything at a glance. Say, you can query credit also FONIC. In addition, the user can also view his consumed data volume as well as its tariff options. Anyone who wants can conveniently change his tariff, charge your credit or activate an automatic charging. Positive is not only the added flexibility that gets the user with the app, it can also be very easy to use.