Windows 10 Manager

Of the Windows 10 Download Manager brings order to the operating system and offers instead of confusing original management an intuitive control and optimization.

Windows 10 Download ManagerMeanwhile, the Windows provides 10 Download Manager, a German user interface. (Picture: Yamicsoft)

The Windows 10 Manager download not only helps professionals further

Who has no desire for any improper Windows setting to traverse a maze of menus, which needs the Windows 10 Manager download. The tool simplifies the configuration of the operating system immensely. And not only that, it also speeds up each computer. Even the autostart settings can easily be adapted and the startup of the worm be placed on cheetah. There are seven little screw can be rotated to which:

  • Information: This column is extensive system information Show detail but clear.
  • Optimizer: Here not only the startup can be managed, but speed up the whole system.
  • Cleaner: With a click, the computer of garbage can liberate.
  • Customization: Here, the look of Windows 10 can be adjusted.
  • Security: Who wants to optimize its security settings with a few clicks, right here.
  • Network: A faster Internet? Simple network settings to adjust.
  • Misc Utilities: Here you will find different tools, such as for managing backups or to divide the hard disk.

So the manager has everything you need to use optimization, look and security - all packaged in an easy to understand interface.

Windows 10 under control

The functions of the Windows 10 Download Manager leave nothing to be desired. Here, therefore, the tool comes with a tidy and now also German surface. For those who want to get out of Windows 10 more, an absolute must download. However, you should make some adjustment options exercise caution. The application provides access to deep levels of the system - which is why a backup should be created in experiments at least to bring back the original settings. However, the tool is absolutely for laymen recommended. Many settings such as the simplified finding duplicates or customize the appearance of Windows 10 to personal taste are without risk.

Note: The Windows 10 Manager download can be used for 30 days free of charge. Following the trial period, the software costs (19% VAT included.) 35,67 EUR