Deluxe Pacman

Deluxe Pacman gives players a reunion with the yellow pill eaters from the early days of video games. The free arcade game features classic Pacman fun at no cost under Windows. Deluxe Pacman keeps stylish to the gameplay of the original Atari. The player controls a round Freßkugel by a labyrinth-like playing surface - always on the hunt for delicious pills. The yellow-billed stork is then chased by four ghosts who want to make the player by lethal touch to finish off. With rare power tablets Pacman can temporarily turn the tables and eat the evil spirits. With each round the pests move smarter the yellow hero to my body. In addition to a single game mode up to four players can take turns going on pill hunting. Deluxe Pacman offers timeless fun in between. The freeware player train their reflexes and take in the revival of a true video game classic.

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