Exchange: Dungeon Boss cheats against Top 5 Tips

Although many sides promise, Dungeon Boss Cheats there is not any. What you get here is not helpful in the game even more enjoyable. How about it with useful tips? Read more here!

Before you can really let casual hang out after downloading the app Dungeon Boss times the boss, you have to get used to compete with other. Many that takes too long, so they are looking for ways to cheat. Will that help?

Dungeon Boss CheatsIs there Dungeon Boss Cheats?

With Dungeon Boss Cheats faster Super Boss?

Without much effort, you come in the search for cheats or hacks on countless deals in the network. The promise an infinite number of points and diamonds and everything under the sun. If you really want to move forward in the game, should not go into these deals dear. Not only does this is to empty promises, instead, the user receives dangerous malware or viruses, unintentional subscription or endanger its sensitive data. At best, he is caught only by the developers and blocked his account.

Dungeon Boss Cheats cautionBeware of dubious offers that promise cheats for Dungeon Boss

Fair exchange: Cheats Vs

Of course, our advice to get anyone overnight to the top of the game, but they bring more than these supposed Dungeon Boss cheat in any case. Who takes into account the following tips must not cheat take in hand to move forward nochn real money.

Tip # 1: Upgrade heroes

In addition to collecting hero, it is extremely important to make his characters even more powerful. This can be by using Ehrfahrungspunkten and Coins obtained at fighting and scouring the dungeons. Additionally, those who have completed the days tasks is faster. One should always keep the "Heroes" tab in mind. Lights there is a green gemstone, you can upgrade.

Dungeon Boss Cheats TipsHis Dungeon Boss upgrade heroes

Tip 2: defeat Evo Monster

Using the so-called Evo Monster ascend warrior. Where to find them, you can check on the character. Then you should go as soon as possible to the dungeon. In the fight is advantageous all the monsters to do without hesitation because they quickly run away.

Dungeon Boss Cheats Evobring Evo Mosnter soon as possible to the track

Tip 3: Get friends to help

This game is not a one-man show. So you should find a few friends and allies, you can ask for in an emergency during the battle for help. So you can do great damage without Dungeon Boss cheats. So you know who to best respond in such a situation, here is an overview of the balance of power:

  • Red Fire > Green Nature & Bluewater
  • Bluewater > Red Fire & Green Nature
  • Green Nature > Bluewater & Red Fire
  • Yellow Light > Purple Dark
  • Purple Dark > Yellow Light

Tip: While epic dungeons unfortunately you can summon any friends yet.

Tip 4: defend their own dungeons

From the 10th level, the player gets his own dungeon. to defend this is the A and O. You should always set aside a certain amount of coins to upgrade its protection and gold production. You should also develop a few strong hero for defense.

Tip 5: Healing Potion

Before embarking on a boss fight, you should ensure that you have a healing potion - which are as effective as Dungeon Boss cheats. This can help a case, without loss of a hero to defeat the boss.