blue App

blue App

The slogan of the mobile discounter “Less Bla – more blue” also applies to the blue App to. No frills, no distractions – just a practical tool to have its collective eye on and manage. With a few clicks, various adjustments are done – from the top-up to the stocking of the data volume.

Blue app: Less Bla, more flexibility for customers

The mobile offering Blue belongs to Telefónica Germany. The discounter offers its users both prepaid offers and tariffs with contract duration available. Flexible, easy to understand tariffs with a good price-performance ratio, so that users find a customized offer to meet their needs Рjust promises blue. So customers can keep an eye on and manage their comfortable rate ever, the provider has brought the App Android on the market.

blue AppThe Blue app: prepaid and contract customers

Visually, it is based on the presentation of It also relies on a user-friendly interface that can be operated quickly and easily. In addition to the offered Android download that can be installed on devices running Android version 4.0, the app is also available for iOS. To use the app on, users must register with their customer login data. App Android: Comfortable collective management

The Android app is not only to provide customers with run-rates, but can be used equally by clients with one of the prepaid offers.
The start screen is very clear layout. In the upper part it immediately displays the current balance, including the four main categories that you’ve entered. It concerns the following areas:

  • Manage tariff options
  • recharge credit
  • see consumption
  • Change number data

so the user knows immediately what he can expect behind the menu items of the blue app.

View balance and recharge

Who had to find on the home page that the balance is almost depleted, can keep supplies in a few clicks: Thus, besides the display a yellow shaded button with which you can add 10 euro credit. Behind the Airtime button also has the ability to specify a different value. next to the app also allows you to redeem credit-Bons by entering the code.

Blue app paymentsPayment arrangements of blue can be customized

Tariff in view and adaptable

In addition to the app it easy to keep the consumption as well as the volume of data at a glance. Who realizes that he can not reach with its tariff options that can make adjustments quickly through the app. The payment arrangements can be changed. Contract customers, the runtime are attached may also view and download their monthly bills. In the event that you are traveling for business or pleasure abroad, you can also quite easily hinzubuchen EU options.