Facebook Like references Hide: To make it work!

How can one's own Facebook Like hide details? This question many users who do not want to publicly show their preferences and favorites. We reveal how it works and Facebook users quickly and easily with a mouse click her "I like it" hide information. learn more here and try it!

Facebook Like references Hide or restrict it to certain persons

All pages and content that after downloading the app with Facebook "I like it" be marked, so for example, projects, shops, soccer teams, video games, movies, books and games that appear on the details page of your own profile and show the preferences of the Facebook user. However, not everyone wants to show all of these personal favorites so publicly.

One can therefore determine who those with "I like it" can see selected pages and other favorites content and who does not? The answer is "Yes", For each area of ​​the Info page, the user selects desired target a specific audience and controls define who a look at the Facebook "I like it" can throw information and to whom they remain completely hidden.

Facebook Like hide detailsFacebook Like data hiding: Find it!

You set them up Facebook "I like it" hide information!

The Facebook Like data to hide the user opens their own profile and clicks first under the cover About. He now scrolls down to the area with the "I like it"Specifications at, click there in the bar at the top right corner of the small icon with the stylus and tap on Edit privacy. Now a large selection window with the nature of each Likes whose privacy can be changed as you wish appears.

For the following sections, you can select the target audience and determine whether the Likes are public, whether only the profile owner can see them or only the Facebook friends: movies, television, music, books, sports teams, athletes, inspiring people, restaurants , games, activities, interests, sports, food, fashion, web pages, Miscellaneous. For each entry, an individual privacy so specific people or lists that can be set to request about Custom, "I like it" shared data and other, which they are to be hidden.

Facebook Like references Hide privacyUpon request, an individual privacy can be defined,

Newly added content will be shared with the same target group

Only users who belong to the target group of the added content, so they can now on their own Facebook "I like it" see specifications. The privacy of the individual messages in the respective sections can be edited at any time as you desire, or also hide entire sections completely. The particular choice of the Facebook user is stored and newly added content to be shared with the same target audience, unless you indicate otherwise.