Dir-It! facilitates documenting any files and folders. The freeware provides a useful writing aid for file and directory lists. Especially in documenting music or archive files makes Dir-It! helpful services. Instead of the names of the songs or movies laboriously enter by hand, the freeware requires only a few mouse clicks to create finished file lists. The operation of Dir-It! is simple: The names of the documentary files and folders pulls the user simply from their folder on the magnifying glass in the window you-It and already the list of files copied into your clipboard!. In the settings you can specify which file names and types are to be considered and should be how to deal with subfolders. Also build the directory and file list of users with you-it does! free hand: The file names can be logged with or without path. In the notation of the directory and file names are case sensitive can be adjusted at will. In addition, you can specify whether or not the list of names to be sorted alphabetically not. Dir-It! copies the file name of any folder to any desired application. This makes it perfect print directory listings and document such as your own music collection without any typing.