Of the Guitar Rig Download packs a complete guitar rigs to computers and notebooks. This means distorting the town red, sophisticated effect creations, tuner, metronome and uncomplicated recording - in real time. As a sound generator using a guitar or any other audio signal. If you've always wanted to work with top-notch amps, microphones and FX, comes here without the wherewithal to target - in the studio or live on stage. The guitar amplifier runs either in stand-alone operation, or as a plug-tinkers to VST or RTAS base in a DAW.

Guitar Rig download with free players, including

To use Guitar Rig, an installed ASIO driver with low latency is necessary in any case because if signals are processed in real time in the studio, on stage in general. Even someone who does not call for expensive audio hardware its own, may decrease significantly with the free ASIO4All the audio latency cheaper sound cards. Without ASIO4All Driver GR does not work. The Guitar Rig download includes both the demo version of the Pro Edition, as well as the Freeware Guitar Rig Player. To test the full version of the guitar amp software, you simply select after installation Run demo and get started. The demo can not store your own creations and runs only 30 minutes per session, however, brings a considerable arsenal of virtual equipment with - here you should definitely at least a taster, short. To use the free version, the registration of a user account in addition to requesting a serial number is necessary. This will only take a few minutes, the link is also found in the download area. In the free version store and the time-unlimited use then are available for this but you have to give up all kinds of binary Rackbestückung. Very sad: The Loop Machine, missing so to another software needs to jam with themselves be tried. make music are corresponding free software for downloads's here.

Guitar Rig Download

Guitar Sound Deluxe: With Amp, Cab and FX on VST and RTAS

The included in Guitar Rig download documents is impressive extensive and well sorted. Either you simply clicks through presets and so produced in a matter of seconds, for example, a clean solo sound in the style of the 80s, thrash metal, reggae, funk guitar, or even different bass and on top of that vocal channels. Presets each include a number of individual matched to the respective application devices, which, however, log out as desired and switch to rearrange and can be supplemented. So presets can be transformed into original creations in no time.

Guitar Rig download presets and FX

That too Create completely own guitar effects racks is simple: Under the item Components to your left is a list of available components, the right the to be equipped rack. Using drag and drop to place sound wizard the desired devices and change the signal flow as easy by shifting the sound fx up or down. Borders are simply no set, it must therefore be an amp or maybe three, a filter before or after the Cabinet, a mono reverb or maybe a tinkered by Stereo Split Ping Pong Delay? No matter Guitar Rig delivers precisely what the guitar player wants. The following effect units are available:

  • Amplifier: Various amplifiers from simple AC Box on gratifier to Ultrasonic
  • CabinetsNumerous well-known speakers and microphones with selectable placement
  • delay & echo: From simple echo quad to Psyche Delay
  • Distortion: Lofi, Fuzz, and more Skreamer
  • Dynamics: Compressor, (Tube) limiters, noise reduction, etc. Master transients
  • equalizer: EQ shelving graphic, parametric, solid or
  • filter: AutoFilter formant wah, etc.
  • modulation: Ensemble, tremolo, flanger and phaser different
  • pitch: Transpose, octave, pitch pedal and Harmonic Synthesizer
  • ReverbIce verb, Octaverb, Spring, Studio, Vintage Hall and more
  • Modifier: Analog sequencers, envelope, LFO and step sequencer
  • Special FX: Beat Slicer and Masher, Gater, Reverse Grain, ring modulation
  • ToolsLoop Machine, container, Master FX and Split as MS

Special tools and external Guitar Controller

Are the first devices and effects categories the inclined guitarists probably still relatively self-explanatory, is in the last three bit of binary Klangverbiegungspower. Thus, for example, using the step and analog create secuencer control signals control the rhythm specific controller. Beat Slicer and Beat Masher turn hack the rehearsed audio signal automatically into small pieces and allow Hook Lines, as they could not play by hand.

Guitar Rig Download Studio Tools

The tools are used primarily for signal routing, or for simultaneously controlling a plurality of effect parameters with a single knob. That's a really cool thing, especially in connection with a external hardware controller. So can be reduced at the same time the filter frequency and the verb, while the distortion is more and EQ pulls the bass such as with a foot pedal - and schwupps is made from an Clean Guitar a juicy distorted bass line.

Limitations of Guitar Rig

The free version does not offer all of the devices Pro version, for example, no Looper. Moreover Sidechaining only a few devices. The Pro Edition runs for 30 minutes per session and waives Save and Total Recall.

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