Game of Thrones stream directly to the phone or tablet

Of the Game of Thrones Stream bringing fans the latest episodes directly to your Android smartphone or tablet. These apps provide the latest episodes of fantasy saga of the Iron Throne.

The Game of Thrones Season 5 went on April 12, 2015 internationally on the air. The HBO series was broadcast simultaneously to the American series launch in over 170 countries. But many German fans ask the question: Where can you see Game of Thrones online?

Game of Thrones Stream in the Burning Series App

Serienjunkies can install the Burning Series app and there have access to numerous television series. Most series are available in the German dubbing, brand new series are available in the original version.

Even the fantasy epic can be there examined by fans. Here is the streaming portal further than the American channels: Through a leak were already before the official broadcast date the first four episodes of the fifth season GoT online.

Game of Thrones Stream

The Burning Series Portal provides no series online but collecting the entries of various hosting sites. Also, the Game of Thrones Stream comes with third-party variable quality. Although you come here out rare television series, but these are often ribbed versions with lower quality.Publishing of copy-protected video material breach is against the copyright law and the platform in the legal gray area. Many entries disappear fairly quickly from the series page and search for a good stream can often take longer.

Game of Thrones online see the app

The Game of Thrones Stream is also available in the app. Here you can choose from the outset between different languages, the selection for the original version and the German synchronization can be extremely different.

The selection of the consequences is a little more counterintuitive: If you want to view, for example, the second episode of Game of Thrones Season 5, must be in a virtual wheel until the season and choose the order in a separate wheel.

Game of Thrones Stream

Unfortunately, the consequences in the application are not provided with names, so you can sometimes lose track. The app of the popular portal provides a crucial function: the side removes invalid entries immediately and automatically starts streaming from the provider that has deposited a video.

Sky Go for Android - the legal providers

Who Game of Thrones Stream does not want to purchase from legally dubious sources his, to Sky Go Should Install Android. The pay TV provider is the official assignee of the HBO series in Germany. Customers can subscribe on a monthly basis and the series comfortably look different transmit packets from 16,99 € on your smart phone, tablet or TV - completely legal and in the best quality.

Game of Thrones Stream Sky