Haushaltsbuch Excel

At the Haushaltsbuch Excel Download lists all spending in different categories and then compared in a graph.

Haushaltsbuch Excel Download with seven different categories

The budget book is organized into four quarters, each with three months panels. Every single month is checked out. revenue and fixed costs are entered in the appropriate fields. Already a percentage compared to the revenue and the fixed cost is displayed. For their outstanding charges for the current month cost seven different categories may be opened. These categories can be individually named. Once the current month variable costs were registered, a percentage compared to the revenue is also displayed here. For the current month is displayed, how much money for each remaining day is still available.

All data for the individual months panels are assembled in the statistics sheet. From this data, charts are created, showing the area in which the expenses differ from the average. So that the user does not have to enter each item in the household electronic book, it is possible to print a page template where all data can be written in the course of a week. The collected data can then be entered later quietly into the household electronic book.

Budget Book Download

Limitations of Budget Book

In the demo, the date is fixed. Not every day can be edited in the trial.