FarmVille 2: Get out into the country

Users who are addicted to farm simulation can use the Farmville 2 App now when and where they want to indulge their farmer-existence. In versions auf's country is not only one's own farm is enhanced by cultivation and animals, the user embarks on farm adventures. Players may look for rare items, try new recipes and trade with players around the world.

Farmville 2 App: The success continues on your mobile device

The agricultural simulation made by Zynga broke all former records on Facebook. When it started a few years ago so there was almost no one who did not ask for his Wall of any vegetables. After the successor Farmville 2 on Facebook was no less well received, the development team has decided to publish a mobile version. This makes it possible hobby farmers when and where they want to cherish their farm and maintain.

Farmville 2 AppThe Farmville 2 app brings the cult game to the mobile device

We offer you the FarmVille 2 Android version (apk) and iOS version. The simulation is also available for Amazon and Windows Phones. The app is compatible with Android version 4.0.3 and later and iOS 6.0. The game is free, but provides the user with in-app purchases available. Users can connect to the app with Facebook and so connect with friends.

FarmVille 2 Android: The farmer is an adventurer

The design auf's Country app really brings everything users already know from the Facebook version. So aspiring farmers can grow vegetables and fruits, make their farm with attention to detail and raise countless animals and guard. Anyone who wants can also set a farm dog. In addition, players in Farmville 2 app can make the self-picked fruit great recipes. Every week a fresh apple pie - that's it, right?

Simulation with new farm on the coast

What is new is the farm on the coast, waiting to be discovered there. When exploring the new farm can you do with luck new items and hidden objects identified. but the farm also offers the perfect place to relax. Relax - overlooking the blue sea, surrounded by colorful flowers and fresh crops - could be really unpleasant.

Farmville 2 App AdventurePlayers will experience many new adventures in FarmVille 2

Those who wish can also build a small adventure farm and invite friends to him. Also, you can join a Farmer Association. Or you can go fishing together and later sold its yield in Pikes harbor. Such shared experiences can not hurt the relationship, the next trade might you have for something better chance ...