Android: expand the internal memory – how it works

Many smartphone users know the problem: At some point, the phone is sluggish and will only react slowly - or you get the same message "Memory full". Because of the device memory is often measured quite small. How to expand internal memory can we show here. All that is necessary to be an Android smartphone from 6.0 Marshmallow, a reasonable and quick memory card and in some cases a PC.

expand internal memorySince Android 6.0, you can expand the internal memory - with most devices without going. (Picture:

Finally back Place: Simply expand the internal memory

If the store is on the phone to run out, it can happen that the device responds only slowly and even prone to crashes. An SD card as an external memory for pictures and videos does not always help, because apps are still stored in the internal memory and also some images are difficult to move into the external memory. Although File Manager help keep order, but sometime simply a larger memory is needed. The free ES File Explorer APK help here but continue to back up files that might otherwise be lost when expanding. A download is worth it.

In older versions of Android, it was possible to move apps on the external SD card. That no longer works so in later versions though. When introducing Android 6.0 Marshmallow has however responded and now offers another possibility: The SD card can in fact now format as "storage devices" and thus helps to expand the internal memory.

Unfortunately that does not work with all devices easily. Samsung, Sony and LG are preparing some cases - depending on the model, at least - problems. Yet there is a way to expand the memory for these models.

Expand internal memory Micro SD cardWith a micro SD card space is created. (Picture:

larger memory: To create your space

Go to it now but with the practical Android 6.0 feature. And these are the conditions with which you can expand the internal memory:

  • You need a smartphone with micro SD card slot.
  • rapid and correspondingly large micro SD card that can read your Smartphone is important then (usually in the description of the phone, up to what size cards can be inserted). Oriented you most about the 64 GB size and select at least one with UHS-standard (Ultra High Speed). "Class 10" corresponds to the UHS Class 1. The higher, the better.
  • have already Should you data on the SD card stored secures your data! The memory card must be formatted for their upcoming provision does. All data will be deleted.
  • It is also always advisable to have a Backup smartphone create, should anything go wrong.

Among the Micro-SD card: We have sizes to 64 or 128 GB recommended - also due to ever increasing amounts of data. The current smart phones are designed for this. Do not be swayed to you by the name:

  • microSDHC memory cards are from 4GB up to 16GB ( "Micro Secure Digital High Capacity")
  • microSDHC is the designation for cards from 32 GB ( "Micro Secure Digital Extended Capacity")

The Micro SD is the way formatted encrypted, so your not you should simply take out the smartphone to copy data. Since it belongs to the process of internal memory, so you would a piece of memory that easily "break out". This can lead to crashes!

Once you've backed up your data and be sure that you want to live as an internal memory expansion with SD, you can start.

expand internal memory MarshmallowAndroid Marshmallow has made the expansion of the internal memory much easier. (Picture:

From Marshmallow: Internal memory broaden made easy

  1. Put the micro SD card of your choice in the micro SD card slot of your smartphone and make it operational again.
  2. Calls the settings and looks at system according to the item storage.
  3. There you the SD card is displayed. Tap on this.
  4. Top right the menu (three points) should be called. There you will find the item "SD card format as internal storage." Note: Can not open your menu or the point is not found, you possess probably a Samsung, LG or Sony phone that does not allow the setting on this path. Then you can move on to the next section.
  5. A wizard will guide you now through the further process. The SD card is reformatted by your tap on "delete and format".
  6. After formatting is not checked whether the SD card is fast enough, making it suitable as an internal memory. After that, the previously stored on the "real" internal memory data can be moved to the micro SD card. Once this is done, you can use with a lot more memory your device.

Perhaps the smartphone is now despite faster SD card but a tick slower than before - at least compared to a new device. This is simply because the internal memory is usually faster than an SD card.

The process can also be the way undo - described, for example through the same steps as shown. But again: back up data before!You can the micro SD incidentally partition to continue to use part of the card as external memory. How to do this, we show in this article.

Do you have a specific Samsung, Sony, LG or model, you have but as mentioned go a different way in order to expand the internal memory, which we describe to you in a separate article.