is legal or threaten expensive warnings for streaming movies and blockbusters? We clarify and reveal whether users make punishable the download when using the streaming portal!

Is legal or not?

In is the Partner Portal of the equally popular and controversial TV series streaming platform "Burning Series", focuses entirely on the other hand, feature films and has achieved more than 40,000 titles on offer. Unlike film flat rates such as Sky ticket, Amazon Prime, Netflix or max cathedrals there are all the movies for free. This should make movie fans who encounter the offer, skeptical and they will ask themselves whether legal and whether you can also barter for expensive warnings when viewing the films. legalThis question has many movie fans: Is legal or illegal?

Is only one type of film search engine?

The legal situation when streaming movies on film portals such, or Burning Series is controversial even for lawyers. Undoubtedly, it is copyright infringement. Operators like, however, argue that they do not host the films themselves, and only link to external hosting as VIVO, Stream cloud, open load, Vidbill and FLASHX on which the films are offered. Therefore, if it were indeed only a kind of movie search engine. denies even the responsibility for the links to the movies

Those who want to know more detail and look up in the so-called DMCA, experiencing the following: "All Offered files are stored on external file hosts did are in no way associated with ... offers, acting like a search engine, only left to files and not the files themself ... (we) do not post links to external content here - this is done by volunteers, who are not in contact with the administration." Thus denies even the responsibility to set within its own site links to the films that allegedly by "voluntary" be made which do not in contact with the operator.

Is streaming movies over legal or illegal?

We recommend the film to friends, not to use as well as other dubious streaming services and instead prefer a monthly subscription to a reputable film flat rate as Netflix, Maxdome & Co. to invest. So you can enjoy a clear conscience and without fear of expensive warnings current blockbusters or series highlights. For those that follow the opinion of some lawyers that no genuine copy is made when streaming and viewing the streams thus still moving within a legal gray area, is taking a certain risk, although so far no warnings have become known in