Thus, the ICQ account can be deleted!

clear the ICQ account requires some effort. On the Internet there are countless rumors, there are clear answers. goodbye now ICQ! In the nineties and the last decade of the Messenger was one on every computer. Especially as a teenager it was hard to imagine after the ICQ download a life without the cute "uh oh". Today you will find the desktop flower especially with nostalgic. Most users have upgraded to more modern VoIP provider. Who does not use the bedrock, would mostly his Delete ICQ account. For years, a final notice was not provided in the terms and conditions of the operator and in fact not possible. The only way out was in deleted or corrupted contact. the account can now be cleared through an Internet form.

Requirements to delete ICQ account

In order to delete his account with the messenger service, some prerequisites are required. On the one hand you have to have created an account with ICQ. In addition, an email address must be deposited with the service. This can be changed in the details. Without this access, a termination is not possible. Who has forgotten his password, may request this on the login page again. For this, however, an email address must be deposited. Delete ICQ account Who still uses the program and has the software on his computer, should be removed before the final termination of the account locally from the ICQ chat. This is trouble navigating the program window of the Messengers. In addition, an Internet connection is required because the notice is given via an online form.

Account deletion with all data

Who knows his username and remembered his password, can clear just a few steps his ICQ account. 1&# 46; Step: First, the Dismissal page of the provider in the browser must be called. 2&# 46; Step: After that logs on as usual with his credentials. This is either the ICQ number or the stored e-mail. In both cases, the password must be entered. 3&# 46; Step: Now the warning to erase all data must be löschen_ confirmed by clicking _ account. ICQ account Clear Form 4&# 46; Step: The Messenger service sends a delete confirmation to the registration address. The final account termination occurs only when calling the email and follow the link contained therein.

ICQ Delete account possible without a password and email?

Many users who wish to terminate their ICQ account, are facing the following dilemma: While you have the user ID, but the password is forgotten. As to register any e-mail address must be specified, and the password can now not be established. Who wants to delete the affected account without these data, can try this only through the support. But this procedure is still immature and unfortunately does not guarantee successful deletion of the ICQ accounts.