Broken Sword

The free download Broken Sword brings back the popular main protagonists George Stobbart to again in a thrilling fight - to bring down - this time against the sinister neo-Templar. The situation in the 2.5 Remake is tricky: the beloved grandfather dead, Nico allegedly ...

Broken Sword download by fans for fans

Not only the story of the third game adventure with George Stobbart has it all. the history alone is special and therefore worth a mention. Thus, the Broken Sword download is a Project of diehard fans been developed. The content of the fans here strictly based on the preconditions of the first two detective parts and thus provide for a seamless transition. The adventure comes with a multi-layered, with surprises studded Story therefore that will captivate every fan Stobbart to his PC.

Broken Sword Download

George on the trail of neo-Templar

George has hard times and now is in the Broken Sword Download in a quandary. Only the spatial separation from his girlfriend Nico, who has traveled for a year abroad, and then the death of his beloved grandfather, he has to cope with. But the fatalities go further: George learns about a message from Paris that now said to have died and Nico. The amateur detective do not dither and takes the next plane to Paris. Nico is alive and kicking - Once there been another surprise awaits him. But the joy did not last long, because his girlfriend is there stumbled into a mysterious thing. The track it leads straight to the Neo-Templars...

Detective adventure with great pictures and popular votes

The carefully foil made remake 2.5 offers voltage and the atmosphere from the first to the last game second. Beautifully designed images and varied backgrounds do the detective work to a real visual treat. Here, the game ranked in the category of a classic adventure games, their world to explore with the player, use your mouse. On their experiences mainly brainwork is required because George is countless puzzles must solve. But do not worry, as usual he objects and different people are at your side that will be extremely useful to him in the search.

Broken Sword Download Characters

In addition, the makers of the Broken Sword downloads could prominent voices undertake for the characters: Alexander Schottky, spokesman of the original games and known from Monkey Iceland 3, kick back in action. And who imagines Jack Nicholson dubbing voice to hear, so that is not wrong.

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Broken Sword Download Editor's Rating