Change Twitter name - it's that easy!

Change Twitter name – it’s that easy!

The Changing Twitter Name is easy. We show a step-by-step instructions below, as both the own user name and the profile name reassigned and can be quickly and easily changed. Try it now and change the Twitter name!

Twitter Name Change Made Easy

Unlike Facebook Twitter is rarely used under its own name. However, there is for some users after the Twitter app download some confusion because two different names show up. Therefore, first, the question arises, what the difference is between the user name and the profile name. The explanation is simple: The user name is the actual identifier on Twitter and therefore unique. If this is so already in use by another person, it can be selected at Twitter not from other people.

This username appears in the own profile URL. It is used for logging, for @replies and direct messages. The profile name, however, serves only as a personal identifier that appears on the profile page. In this way one can identify, for example, to friends and colleagues when the user name differs from the real name.

Changing Twitter NameChanging Twitter Name: step-by-step instructions for username and profile name

Changing Twitter Name: The user name

For changing the Twitter username. the user is logged on to Twitter and opens the own account settings. Simply click on the personal icon on the top right and select the Settings drop-down menu. Under the item account the user name is stored. This can always be adjusted as you wish. The user name can consist of up to 15 characters.

However, one must not choose a username here, which is already assigned to another person. So if, for example dieter Noor, wants to vote Niels Ruf or Til Schweiger as a new username will not get Available approval to see it, but asked to choose a different name for its own twitter account.

Changing Twitter Name UsernameSo the Twitter user is renamed!

Very important: Change the Twitter name does not affect the existing followers, direct messages or @replies. The followers simply see a new username next to your profile picture after it has been changed. However, one should place his followers thereof before the user is renamed them to send @replies or direct messages to the new name.

Changing Twitter Name: The profile name

Even easier is to change the profile name. Here you have completely free hand and not have to consider whether a name is already taken. The profile name can be 20 characters. In the Twitter profile of the own name is usually registered. This appears in the tweets and profile the same as the first. For twitter name change the user clicks here after logging in left profile picture, followed by personal Twitter page opens. Here, the user selects edit the point profile and are in the field with the desired name is no longer just a new one. then confirm the entry still save with a click of changes. Finished!

Changing Twitter Name Member NameSo the Twitter profile name is changed!