Avira System Speedup

Avira System Speedup Windows PCs adjusted in many ways. The free download System Cleaner reviewed many options for free buckets of disk space and releasing unnecessary related system resources. In this case, the digital Shine users after the scan really numerous detail information.

System clean up with the Avira System Speedup Download

After a test run lists of Avira System Speedup Download neatly on which files and other entries can be removed. The software finds divided finely into various categories, allowing a targeted selection of deleted files. This can not necessarily use every user who however like to look closely, it retains full control. In addition to the below mentioned cleaning action is here a very useful smart defragmenter available. Of the lists all the fragmented files individually and enables the targeted selection defragmentierender files. In this way, for example, large databases of the mail program can be rearranged on the hard drive and just about the mail search be accelerated. In addition, the Super defragmenter analyzes the most commonly used files and sorts them at the optimal location on the disk.

Avira System Speedup Download

delete junk files for more disk space

In the Junk Files System Speedup will list not only the usual standards, but also finds empty folders and memory dumps that are applied as in a blue screen. In detail:

  • waste paper bin
  • Temporary data
  • Windows log files
  • Windows JunkFiles
  • Empty program folder
  • dumps
  • Old prefetch files
  • Application logs
  • HotFix uninstalls
  • Downloads from Windows Update
  • Adding custom paths possible

Purify the registration via Registry Cleaner

Where most registry cleaners simply cut with a large number of necessarily be repaired errors in the registry on the plaster, the Avira System Accelerator lists neatly, the range within which registration ballast has accumulated. This need not necessarily be helpful, but it can help clean up targeted only certain areas experienced users thoroughly. Optionally, here can be single key or select the following categories:

  • uninstall
  • installation
  • Application ID
  • firewall
  • application path
  • shared DLLs
  • Autostart entries
  • ActiveX and COM
  • Interface libraries
  • CLSID libraries
  • file extensions
  • software path

Privacy Cleaner will increase privacy

In the Privacy Cleaner information about recently opened documents and folders and Office files and browser history will be cleared. Here, the system also takes into account Cleaner specialties such as the cache of Adobe Flash Player. In addition, Firefox and Chrome, the databases can ground komprimiertw, which can also save a little space.

  • Windows History
  • Explorer History
  • Recent Documents
  • MS Office History
  • APP course
  • Internet Explorer temp files
  • Internet Explorer Cache
  • Internet Explorer History
  • Internet Explorer passwords
  • Internet Explorer cookies
  • Google Chrome Temp Files
  • Google Chrome Form History
  • Google Chrome Chronicle
  • Google Chrome cookies
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Firefox Temporary files
  • Firefox cookies
  • Firefox form input
  • Firefox Crash Report

Windows optimize the system optimizer

The Avira System Speedup Download integrated functions optimize Windows shine primarily with detailed categorized information. So about the lists Startup Manager not just on which calls autostarts Windows. Each boot component is categorized as shown below and can also be evaluated by the program. The associated startup optimizer sorted in the evaluation as required by, malicious or unknown objects and allows for further classification by points awarded by the user. The categories of the Startup Manager:

  • Startup for all users
  • Startup for current user
  • Startup (Start Menu)
  • scheduled tasks
  • keyboard layouts
  • Browser Helper Objects
  • desktop Icon
  • Win32 services
  • Kernel driver
  • Load Delay for modules
  • Terminal Start Program
  • folder options
  • folder options
  • Folder Copy Hook
  • Shell icons
  • Folder Column Handlers
  • Folder Shell Open
  • Winlogon component
  • Winsock provider SPI
  • installed components
  • Protocols filters
  • Protocols handler
  • boot Execute
  • known DLLs
  • printer monitor
  • Security Providers
  • LSA Providers
  • Network providerIn addition, Avira System Speedup offers detailed information Network Status, Here all programs are listed that have currently set up an Internet or network connection. The IP address of the remote site (s) is also available. On goodies such as ping or locating the remote site, however, you have to give, this is primarily an information service, as it will be available via the Windows Task Manager. The two modules Process Manager and service Manager are really just a representation of information obtained from the Windows Task Manager without further processing.

Other tools in the Avira System Speedup

In addition to said Systembereiniguns and -informationsmodulen ASS brings a toolbox with all sorts of sometimes more, sometimes less useful equipment. It is noticeable that the tools are indeed neatly cleaned up in various thrust shops, but not always very well sorted. Thus, for example screws for Windows Registry found in three different program areas. That might somehow still make sense, but is of limited help to the user.

Windows Tuning - or not

The area is intended for Tuning optimize Windows, but not worthy of its name quite. Although useful tools are here quite contained, a real performance gain we do not promise us, however, from a duplicate finder or backing up the registry, the same applies to a backup. incidentally brings not have its own backup service with, but relies entirely due to the built-in Windows backup. individual Windows components temporarily disabled - by Power-PC - but not automatically, if necessary, but only with a click. However, the available screws promise maximum a manageable performance gain.

Avira System Speedup Download Disk Doctor

however, a fine thing are the File & Disk Shredder, and integrated encryption function, the files will provide a password and deletes directly on the original desire for Encryption. In addition, the hard disk Doctor entire hard drive or individual folders to scan for the unused space and lists storage space usage for folders or files sorted. Beautiful solved: If desired, one moment during the analysis also right after the unnecessary files. The modules in detail:

  1. File Tuning
    • Duplicates Finder
    • 0 byte file scanner
    • Search for empty folders
    • Disk Analyzer
    • secure registry & restore
    • file & Folder backup
  2. Advanced Tools
    • File Shredder
    • Disk Shredder
    • encrypt files
    • defragment registry
    • secure Master Boot Record & restore
    • repair network
  3. special tools
    • Force copying: Unlocked files for enabling copying
    • Internet Explorer Manager
    • Disk Doctor
    • Context Menu Manager
    • Power PC: Disables various win-components on clickIn addition, Avira System Speedup List launched system drivers and uninstall programs &# 45; Also this function primarily uses the functions of the Control Panel and back as Goodie offers the ability to export a text file containing installation information. Promising first sounded the function for Recover Deleted Files. Here you select the drive to be searched, on request, a file name and be tested period which can be up to a year go back. Then finds are listed and can be restored individually. However, the test does not have one of the recovered files works whether ZIP file or application. Too bad.

Advanced features

Various settings can be found also in on the home page of the program. Here can be about before a scan, a system restore point to create and go to sleep after cleanup of PC. In addition, folders and files can be excluded from the file cleanup by exclusion list, the same is true for individual keys from the registry clean and web addresses of the cookie removal. Per task scheduler determines the user if and when which cleaning actions are performed automatically. In the application settings can be adjusted, for example, whether Avira System Speedup will start automatically with Windows and has its say if you want to change, for example, auto start. A useful matter is the system start Report, outputting the required overall start time of the system at the request and individually listing number of seconds after which module has been started.

Avira System Speedup Download Startup Report

Little tuning, much system cleanup Avira System Speedup to call download as full-fledged Windows Optimizer in style as the popular Tune Up Utilities would be probably a bit too high resorted - that the opportunities available to, especially dynamic, increasing the system resources are just not far enough. Many functions provided easily Windows features a new interface and should be understood as more than a central program launcher for Control Panel functions. The handling can certainly be improved, the program window can not yet resize and so requires relatively often scrolling to read all available information. In addition, functions are not always useful compiled and distributed through various program areas. But there are some positive aspects to Avira's system accelerator. The System Cleaner features are fairly comprehensive, although it does not quite measure up to the CCleaner and give very detailed and well-sorted information. In addition, the system report looks good and allows a detailed insight into the WasWannWo the Windows boot process, as well as the defragmentation is functionally quite useful and even promises a performance growth. Per check mark in each module ASS creates a restore point before each action, enabling the uncomplicated reverting changes. The bottom line still remains the judgment: So good and popular AntiVir may be, this is not the masterpiece from the house of Avira. The functionality of paid applications are indeed occasionally quite good, can not be with better functionality but also by Freeware Downloads realized, only just under a program interface.

Limitations of Avira System Speedup

30 day trial Free registration required by the manufacturer. Only performs a complete cleanup.