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The BR24 app provides news from Bavaria, Germany and all over the world and provides information on all the important events of the day. It is a pure news app with numerous video and audio content.

BR24 app with local news from their own district

The BR24 app comes from Bavarian Radio and talks expected to primarily the residents of the southern state of our Republic. The user selects a region within Bavaria and receives regional news from his circle. Alternatively, you can of course also news from all over Germany, Europe and the world to retrieve and read. The current weather conditions, including a weather forecast for the coming days is also available. The preferred categories of users adds optional add their own favorites, so that they appear right after starting the app.

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Breaking news are delivered via push function

Useful is the ability to browse by search function in certain subject areas and to select the desired item from the list of search hits. The app makes it a wide range of video and audio content ready, but decided not to make shipments of the Bavarian Radio ready. This task is performed separate app BR library. Practically the breaking news: News highest priority are delivered via push function.

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BR24 app with a personal news feed

With My BR24 users have access to a personal news feed that can be customized. Under the heading regions locally interested users may witness new from the seven Bavarian administrative districts of Lower Franconia and Upper Bavaria from Swabia to Lower Bavaria. With the themed subscription can subscribe to topics that seem particularly interesting with tags. The reading list is used to memorize certain subjects for later and to read them offline. Via the parts functions to share them with friends and colleagues in an uncomplicated way interesting news and articles via Facebook, Twitter, email, link or WhatsApp. The current Bayern weather finally be reached from any page.

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Messages directly on the home screen with the app widget of BR24

The operation and handling of BR24 app are fairly well resolved, the surface is found to be clear. Especially practical: Per app widget of BR24, the news service of the Bavarian Radio can also be read outside the app directly on the home screen. The look and the themes are customized via the widget settings if desired. Many other apps and programs in the areas of news and general education are included in our extensive software catalog.