With the Timesheets download create employee their working proof easily on a PC. The tool collects both done and gefehlte hours in a clear table and is also suitable for the three-tier systems. In the end, the user prints his bow also easy.

The timesheet download for a better overview

The program is not only for simple time tracking of hours worked, but also calculated nor the expected monthly wage, taking into account vacation days as well as absenteeism. When Timesheet is a demo version. In the demo version the save function, and the calculation of total wages are not activated.

record working hours, vacation days and sick days

In addition to the time recording of hours worked, the program also takes vacation days and times of inability to work with. As an additional feature, it also calculates the monthly salary at the end, taking into account a possibly resulting night and holiday supplement: In a separate tab the holidays be enabled or disabled depending on the state by the user himself. Moreover timesheets comes with a three-tier system well clear and calculates the wage there as well with the different variables. Of course, the tables and lists created with the program can be easily put on paper also by pressing a button.

Timesheets download

also ideal for shift workers!

The software for timekeeping has a very simple user interface. In up to ten columns, the user can enter his variable hours and times and it has always so clearly at hand. The user can even add tables with different colors and there is room for remarks. In addition to the time sheets but there are in our other software for detecting the working time to download.

The working time management tool is particularly suitable for employees who work in shifts. The layer-operation designed to calculate the monthly pay slightly more complicated than, say, the traditional office jobs. With the timesheets such problems belong to the past: Well clearly and in tabular form, the user has listed his working hours, including holidays and special surcharges and always knows he deserves as much each month.

Limitations of timesheets

In the demo version the save function, and the calculation of total wages are disabled.