TurboCAD 2D

the free TurboCAD 2D Download is a professional CAD drawing program that can work with both professionals and laymen. Without prior knowledge precise technical drawings can be created from simple floor plans have detailed plans or diagrams to illustrations. With over two million sold versions of the software family TurboCAD is one of the most popular CAD applications for years.

The free TurboCAD 2D download for professional and amateur cartoonist

The software is suitable for numerous applications. Whether it comes to the reconstruction of the apartment or the visualization of a prototype; whether to need to be provided to create a plan with exact measurements for customers or character models with legends and dimensions: After TurboCAD 2D download both professionals and beginners can create perfect drawings.

Functions of free CAD program:

Regardless of the make already exists or not existing expertise to draw models after TurboCAD 2D download in a few steps. Thanks to the different modes for beginners, intermediates or pros perfect results can be achieved with any level of knowledge. Here is the complete tool users scope of the software. In addition to hundreds professional tools with which the elements move, resize exactly turn and let dimension, snaps and drawing aids help with a quick preparation of the draft. Notes and annotations can be displayed clearly thanks to legends with symbols, explanatory texts, Bemaßungsangaben or color markings. As usual with CAD programs, individual parts of the model are presented on different levels, - virtually superimposed - representing the whole object.

TurboCAD 2D DownloadAfter TurboCAD 2D download even beginners can create professional 2D drawings.

Output of the models in standard formats

Thanks to modern interfaces to DWG import and export of replacement or further processing of existing drawings is possible. In addition, the software supports 20 popular file formats industry standard (engineering, architecture or electrical engineering) as well as exporting as PDF.

System Requirements

The system requirements for the drawing program are minimal. The software should work on almost any computer problem. In order to work smoothly, users will need at least a Pentium IV processor, 1GB of RAM, 300 MB free hard disk space and an operating system from Windows. 7

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