Dr. hardware

Of the Dr. hardware download recognizes the complete hardware of desktop PCs and notebooks, from the processor to PCI devices, BIOS, chipset, graphics card and Windows internals. Plus there's benchmarks, reporting functions as well as burn-in, performance assessment, keyboard and monitor test.

Dr. Hardware Download: System analysis tool for Windows

In addition to general information, the hardware Doctor also provides detailed information about the timing of the installed memory modules and the processor clocking. Information is presented meaningful structured and are always so clearly at hand. Also details about the current system Climate reads the nice doctor from - if the computer even has a fever. EIDE and SATA disks analyzed the systems specialist incidentally, just like the Internet and network and installed software. The various tests provide detailed information on the performance of the system - how fast is the video card, which brings throughput disk actually is and how much power brings the overclocked CPU? All these questions are answered in the benchmark section of the hardware doctor.

Dr. hardware downloadThe Dr. Hardware Download analyzes the hardware in Windows PCs

Benchmarks for key hardware components

If there's a need more information times when the Gerätemamager hergibt Dr. Hardware the correct address. For years, the shareware in this country is one of the most popular systems analysis tools. The benchmarks for key hardware components go well with the values ​​of reference computers compare. When it comes to lists, testing and analyzing of developed PC hardware it is one of the specialists, but also the freeware SiSoftware Sandra Lite is here a real reference.

Limitations of Dr. hardware

Not all tests are available to use 10 different days possible registration reminder