Facebook Messenger

Not everything that it says free, is also free it. But when Facebook Messenger App one can be sure: The phone calls are free, because the conversation runs over the data plan. The service was initially available only in the United States. but now there is the Android app in many other countries, Germany included. the Facebook app was developed Messeger as an instant messaging service, so for sending free text short messages, similar to a text message. Later, the app was then further extended to voice-over-IP software, initially only for iOS devices, but also for Android smartphones.

Facebook Messenger App

Free Calls Using the Facebook Messenger App

Today the Messenger app is for the big top dogs Skype and WhatsApp in anything. In addition to the free telephone calls as Voice over IP are running and therefore are free of charge Wi-Fi or mobile data flat rates, there are plenty of other noteworthy features and functions.

Group chat with messenger app

So let are set up with the Facebook Messenger for example, special group chats - handy for sending messages to which several people are to take part. Of course - also be sent pictures and short videos - just like Skype or WhatsApp. The whole thing is nothing more earth-shattering, but the ease of use is the key: Just snap a photo or video clip, and turn the snapshots with other users can be with just a single tap share.

Facebook Messenger app contacts

Theoretically, the photos to be sent, also coincide with Instagram or any other photo app, because Facebook Messenger can be used in parallel with other apps. Who wants to miss any news, so can remain simply logged all the time. But who needs a break the other way around, to work, sleep or whatever reason, the software can easily disable.

Android app can also be used as a location service

When active, the Messenger app also serves as a location service. Those who wish can therefore known his friends by using the Facebook Messenger app that you are just nearby. It also shows who is actively available and on Facebook in the Messenger service. If a message has arrived and read, can also be seen.

Facebook Messenger App emoticons

Messenger service offering particularly easy operation Free Messenger and VoIP services to download, there are now so few on the market. No wonder that the apps are so popular. They are usually free to use and intuitive. This also applies to the Facebook Messenger app. Unlike some competitors, sending photos and short video clips is not only free but also very easy to do. With just one click, the snapshots are sent. Other interesting topics for Facebook Messenger:

  • This allows users to bypass the Facebook Messenger