Angry Birds

With the Angry Birds Download starts after the advent of mobile phones the attack on the PC. In this intriguing game of skill angry birds take evil green pigs targeted.

Download Angry Birds as a cult game for the PC

Angry Birds game combines simple elements into a brilliant Spielmix. In the in the full version more than 120 levels it is necessary to attack all the nasty green pigs by Schnabel attack from the air. With a large slingshot to catapult the poultry direction Schweinebande. Some birds have sharp beaks addition, other weapons such as bombs or eggs boomerang attacks in stock. The green egg thieves make it the angry birds but not easy. With shelters made of wood, glass, stone and other materials they are trying to hide from the Angry Birds. Only with a lot of water and target strategic skills to the attacks with the limited personnel bird can successfully quit.

Attention addictive! That is the brief conclusion to Angry Birds. The mobile phone makes bestsellers on PC almost exactly as much fun as on mobile devices with touch screens. The many levels and the graphics snoopy provide timeless good gameplay.

Angry Birds Download