Often it is very important for the user, Delete Skype messages to. Exactly how it works, the user learns here! The US company Skype, for free download, originally wanted to create with IP telephony breakthrough. However, a majority of users use the software for sending instant messages. Who wants to delete the fast growing in scope conversational protocols and Skype messages can obtain this in the light of these instructions.

Delete Skype News - Here's how!

Who's aim is to clear Skype messages would often minimize the privacy risk or reduce your storage usage. Furthermore, it makes Skype possible to delete individual messages later. This is particularly useful when a message was accidentally sent to the wrong recipient or includes certain content that they should not reach the appropriate recipient.

Delete Skype news and conversation logs

To Skype to delete messages conversation logs and the user has to have a connection to the Skype software. To log the personal user name and the valid password is required.

Step by step to the goal: delete messages with Skype

If all messages or conversation logs are deleted, thereby proceed as follows: Step 1Within the main menu "Skype" to Choose the option "settings" out. Delete Skype messages step 2Here you can find under the menu item "privacy" the sub-item "Save conversation history", step 3: To all Skype to delete messages, choosing the option here "Clear History" out. Caution: If you confirm the security query then appears again with "Clear", All conversation logs of Skype (incl. Chat, SMS and voice messages) are permanently deleted and irrevocable. Should only understand individual messages are deleted from a conversation, proceed as follows: Step 1First, the appropriate message to be deleted must be marked. step 2: If you right-click can now "delete message" to be chosen. For safety's sake, the user is prompted to confirm to delete the selected Skype message desire once final here. Delete Skype message removal step 3: If you want that this window will not appear in the future, you can do this by selecting the option "Do not show again" in the dialog window to set.