Audiobooks download free and listen: Here’s How!

Audio books and radio plays are all the rage. But where there is a good selection audio books free to download? We show below the best sources where users can download audiobooks free or listen. To this end, learn more now!

Audiobooks download for free in the eLibrary

Radio plays and audio books are notoriously expensive. But there is another way to happiness: There are some good sources where you can download audiobooks for free. The very first station for audio book Friends is the eLibrary app. With this customer a city library not only audio books and radio plays can, but also eBooks, eMagazines, ePaper, eAudios and eMusic use on Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.

audio books freeWhere there are audio books for free download? (Picture: eLibrary / Editorial)

specify in the search box author or title

Those looking for a particular audio book title indicates the search box the eLibrary author or title and select the media type from eAudio. Prompt all relevant audio books and radio plays are listed that are available in the respective eLibrary. All audio books marked with a green dot and can be loaded immediately available and consulted.

put Reserved items and specify your own email address

If a Titiel however already borrowed, it is marked off with ... Expected to be available. The number of copies and the maximum loan period is also given. set by clicking on Reserved items of the title is reserved. Now even specify your own email address and when the item is available, a notification is via email. Since not all readers to fully utilize the loan period, one often comes much faster to the desired audio book than I thought.

Audio books free eLibraryborrow audio books for free via eLibrary (Picture: editorial) with more than 750 free Audio Books

Another excellent source for fans of audio books is the download. Here is a pretty good selection of audio books from different literary genres of the highest quality is available for free download from Grimm's fairy tales to classics of world literature. The offer already includes more than 750 audio books. All audio books are available in MP3 format for free download.

Audiobooks as a good source for fans of audiobooks (Picture: editorial)

But the offer of is actually legal? Resounding yes! Most authors in, such as the Brothers Grimm or Jules Verne died before more than 70 years, so that their works as "public domain" can apply and make everyone with what he wants. uses this for shooting the works new and to give away as a download.

Audio books for free: Free Hö a gold mine for audio books

Even the free download Hö offers audio books as an audio stream for free. The audio books can either be downloaded or played streamed in real time on the computer. More than 1,000 free audio books and radio plays available online. Free Hö attacks for example, to freely available audio books and radio plays of the public radio station. Among other things, there is the "crime scene". "The three question marks" or the Sherlock Holmes stories as radio plays and audio books for free download.

Audio books for free Free Hörspiele.deFree Hö offers 1,000 free audio books and radio plays (Picture: editorial)