Of the Song Book Download is the ideal replacement for the thick file with lyrics and sheet music for live musicians and singer. The freeware also offers a configurable MIDI port mapper and data filter next to the text.

Song Book Download - the Swiss Army knife for musicians

Songbook includes an MP3 player, a MIDI file player and everything else is required on stage by live musicians. Even as a karaoke software makes virtual Songbook doing a pretty good figure. In addition, the freeware displays notes and tabs to re-enact popular songs. freeware for artists through a busy schedule, with the help of which users plan their own performances quite reliable and manage Rounding out.

Song Book Download

Useful tools for live performance

The "Swiss-army knife software for the stage" are musicians and artists the ability to retrieve all the necessary tools at lightning speed during the performance. Among other things, there is a text display as a clip like a movie credits available. The texts can be present as bitmap files, including graphics, such as music sequences.

Karaoke function for singers

To be quite helpful proves the Karaoke function. Here the text is read directly from the Lyric events in the MIDI file and presented to the musicians. The current passage each marked in color. Chords can also be displayed when they are present as a lyric events in the MIDI file. New in the current songbook version, the text display and karaoke function is simultaneously in an easy two-window mode.

Songbook contains several different audio player

Songbook features a MIDI file player and an audio file player synchronized to the text display and an MP3 player for not playing. The configurable MIDI Filter and Port Mapper distributes the data received on the MIDI IN port data on any MIDI-OUT ports. At each port can be set which MIDI messages to be transmitted and which are not. The output of the MIDI note data can be transposed for each output port separately. More audio software available in our software catalog for free download.

Songbook MP3 player