Big Bang Theory Stream: Where there all seasons?

Of the Big Bang Theory Stream one of the most popular TV series. There are now nine seasons of the US sitcom Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady four nerds and a pretty blonde neighbor. We tell you how it goes, where fans of the hit series will find the current seasons and whether the The Big Bang Theory Stream is available on the Netflix app. learn more now!

The Big Bang Theory Stream: In Germany, the most popular TV series

The "Big Bang theory" is broadcast since September 2007 on the US television network CBS and produced by Warner Bros. Television and Chuck Lorre Productions. In the so-called "target demographic" in Germany it is the most watched TV series. No wonder then that were commissioned new seasons already. Currently, The Big Bang Theory Season 9 is running this country on ProSieben. It continues there is expected in 2017 with The Big Bang Theory Season 10th

Big Bang Theory StreamThe The Big Bang Theory Stream is available on Netflix, Maxdome and Amazon Prime.

Crazy physicist-WG with two nerds

The main actors in the Big Bang Theory Stream are Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco. For background story: Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) live together in an apartment and are physicists and nerds at the same time. The Circle of Friends is quite limited at the beginning of the series and is limited to the scientific colleagues Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali and the engineer Howard Wolowitz. The four meet in Sheldon and Leonard's apartment and deal mainly with video games and movies. However, after the young Penny (Kaley Cuoco) moves into the apartment next door and Leonard falls in love with the new neighbor, it changes many things and physicists learn about Penny so many interesting things about the real world.

The Big Bang Theory Season 9 on free TV on ProSieben

In Germany, the first The Big Bang Theory season aired in summer 2009 on ProSieben. Since January 2016, the Friends of the sitcom on The Big Bang Theory Season can look 9th In addition, the older seasons are very often repeated, which reflects the great popularity of the series. According to calculations by TV Today were on ProSieben in recent years, an average of six The Big Bang Theory episodes shown every day!

Serial end after The Big Bang Theory Season 10?

In an interview the producers of the hit series indicated that we have to say goodbye to the The Big Bang Theory Season 10 of Sheldon, Leonard and Penny: "The reality is that Season 10 would be the end. The real answer is that I do not know." Whether the final "Big Bang" really comes already in 2017, has not yet been decided. After all, Chuck Lorre, creator of the TV series expressed somewhat more optimistic on this issue as a producer Steve Molaro: "As long as everyone has fun and we make a show of which we are proud, it is worthwhile to continue."

Nevertheless, if the The Big Bang Theory Season 10 to the chagrin of fans should be the series' end, there will certainly be some hit and surprises, such as an official wedding between Penny and Leonard or a scientific breakthrough of Sheldon and Leonard. The premiere of The Big Bang Theory Season 10 will take place from 19 September 2016 the US television station CBS.

The Big Bang Theory Stream on Netflix, Maxdome and Amazon Prime

Those who want to get the Big Bang Theory online stream within a film-flat rate, has with Netflix, Maxdome and Amazon Prime several ways. Since January 2016, the The Big Bang Theory Season 8 for customers of Amazon Prime is available. The Big Bang Theory on Netflix and max cathedrals there are also currently in eight seasons. By contrast, The Big Bang Theory Season 9 is available only with extra stream on Amazon and max cathedrals. All nine seasons can also be charged based among other things on iTunes and Videoload as Big Bang Theory Stream.