PC Fresh

With the PC Fresh Download optimize Windows users their OS and solve it but some brake system. The freeware offers a comfortable and reliable grip under the hood of Windows.

The PC Fresh optimized download and tunes Windows systems

Among other things, can be download to the PC Fresh unnecessary Windows services and annoying car starter shut down. also useful for forgetful natures the possibility of finding-lost serial numbers again. The shareware also includes a manager for convenient editing of the Open with menu. Thus, the user defines itself which programs should be opened to a file with a double click. Unwanted assignments can be quickly and easily removed.

PC Fresh DownloadPC Fresh Download, triggering some brake system.

Power Now module is to speed up the PC

Over time, Windows systems are known to be increasingly sluggish and prone to failure. PC Fresh provides a remedy and for more speed and performance of the system. the integrated "Power Now!"Module to speed up the PC significantly. A mouse click is all unnecessary services are turned off to tickle the maximum performance from their machine out. A RAM Tuner helps to put unnecessary occupied RAM freely without rebooting the computer

optimize memory and defragment hard disks

Various additional tools are available to optimize, for example, the memory and retrieve useful system information in PC Fresh. When disk tuning two modules are in the tuning package available to defragment hard disks so that files can be loaded faster.

PC Fresh determined individual requirements by interview

After the PC Fresh downloading and installing some requirements are queried after starting the program by assistant-assisted interview to determine the personal requirements of the operating system. This is to help ensure that only those improvements are recommended which really match your own system by the manufacturer.

PC Fresh Download ToolsNumerous tools are available to optimize the memory and retrieve system information.

Advice and experiences of other users are displayed

Useful are the recommendations when hiring services and startup programs. The user can also benefit from the experience of other users by their advice and experience with certain programs are displayed.

make any changes in PC Fresh reversed

PC Fresh monitor Windows services and system shows all programs that run invisibly in the background. So unwanted services can be stopped when needed and disabled. Similarly, the Shareware acts in the startup optimization. It makes sense that only those programs will be started along with Windows that you actually need. Thanks to the internal backup all changes can always be undone with the system software for Windows PCs.

Limitations of PC Fresh

The program can be used for 30 days without functional limitations. Access to the created backups is also possible after the trial period expires.