Application for a payment order

Of the Application Mahnbescheid Download serves as a fill-in the application for a court order in the judicial foreclosure process. The software is adapted from the original proposal. So you find your way immediately.

assert claims with the application Mahnbescheid Download

there are private people rarely use, with lawyers and legal representatives or the debt collection company in the green form part of the current day's work: The application for a court order initiates the judicial reminder and then a foreclosure procedures. Once dubbed the claim is carved in stone and quasi remains 30 years enforceable.

Request payment order runs in almost all provinces automated

The official application for a court order in an automated procedure must be used in several German states. The automated court orders was introduced in its present form in 1982 at the district court of Stuttgart and in subsequent years the method has been gradually transferred to almost all the major states. In Bavaria, for example, it is prescribed by the manufacturer since 1 October 2001 Mahnsachen and submit the applications to the Local Court Coburg. The Central dunning court in Bavaria about 700,000 procedures a year are handled at the time.

save forms for easy reuse

The court order is based on the form of the state 01.05.2007. The big advantage over the usual typewriter style: Completed forms can be with the application Mahnbescheid download easily store and reuse later. In this way, save ZV law firms with always the same "major customers" neat time.

Application Mahnbescheid Download

Dunning form can edit and customize

The application for a payment order in the automated reminder procedure can be completed directly on the screen. The form is printed with two single sheets and the data of counsel will be individually for a new edition. The dunning form thus can be edited at any time or adjusted. Since the layout of the input forms largely corresponds to that of the application form, you have a pretty good preview of the finished appearance. All completed applications can be saved for re-processing. In the shareware version of the application can be started court order more than 10 times functional. Other forms for free download can be found in our software catalog.