Of the Radio.fx download brings music from countless Internet radio stations from every genre as MP3s on your PC - often even before the official single or album appears.

Download Radio.fx with integrated player

The built-in player also provides information on the artist, song, album, to lyrics, and more pictures, music, videos, ratings, comments, links to the website of the band, direct booking of concert tickets, convenient reels in the records. On the go, the songs can drag & drop files onto the MP3 player. The software records around the clock - as long as the PC is running - one or more Internet radio stations up and running it silently in the background. then come the manufacturer Tobit.Software the StreamTags, they select individual songs recorded stream, determine the start and end point and provide many additional information about the title and the band. Plus there's music videos.

With Radio.fx users can access not only directly to the videos of each song. A separate video view puts together even the current video charts of all music videos available for the user and plays them sequentially from. So that the music library is properly completed only now. The latest version brings numerous Dateilverbesserungen and also the Mixtape recorder. In Mixtape windows users arrange via drag and drop tracks from the program library and make so in no time exciting mix for parties and friends together. About the Offer feature the creations are under its own Web link is available and can be downloaded here - handy!

Radio.fx download