Christmas as an animated wallpaper on your desktop

Who Christmas as an animated wallpaper wants to celebrate on the desktop, is spoiled for choice. In addition to numerous winter or festive wallpaper - such as the Christmas Presents Wallpaper Download - conjure especially animated wallpapers a festive atmosphere. With sparkling stars flickering candles, falling snowflakes or any monitor in to even the gray office becomes a Christmas highlight.

Christmas as an animated wallpaper

Celebrate Christmas as an animated wallpaper

A snow-covered cottage by a sparkling stream, to a snowman - all dancing around trickling snowflakes: The Animated Christmas Wallpaper Download offers not just this idyll. A total of five different animated designs can be downloaded as a free trial version. In addition to the winter landscape, the package offers atmospheric flickering candles in snow-covered windows, sparkling Christmas trees in starry night or rotating Christmas balls. All motifs in common is that they create a festive atmosphere and join user to the festive day. You can smell the scent of cookies and mulled wine literally, if you have chosen one of the motives and the monitor has been embellished with Christmas scenes. Whether on a home PC or office computer: These background images of the spirit of Christmas is above all the rooms. So can the time up to the festive season, bridge the gifts and frying in an appropriate style as genuine way.

Christmas as an animated wallpaper preview

Download the free demo version

To get an animated Christmas wallpapers on the desktop, only the file must be downloaded and the zipped folder to unpack. Following a click is enough on the subject and it radiates like a Christmassy Wallpaper. An installation for the animated wallpaper is not necessary. Wen disturb the desktop icons of programs and documents into the festive scenes, it can easily hide in the settings. In addition, the priority of the animated wallpaper can be reduced if the animation takes too many system resources. After the free trial version, users can either choose another subject from the package, return to their original wallpaper or purchase the paid full version on the website of the provider. The link to the product will automatically appear after the end of the test period. On the manufacturing side is situated next to the Christmas motifs are many other animated wallpaper that can be tested or purchased.

Classic Christmas music on YouTube

Whom Christmas is not sufficient as an animated wallpaper, which can take up one of the many YouTube videos that enchant with matching songs and atmospheric images. Easy to full screen mode activated by clicking on the right box at the bottom of a video clip, and let yourself be carried away into an enchanted Christmas worlds. Our absolute favorite is the Classic Christmas Music:


For the free demo version no installation is necessary. Receive occasional users who request to install a program called Software Informer. This tool is for people who want to use Christmas as an animated wallpaper, not required. Some virus scanners Software Informer can lead to so-called heuristic hits, and should not be installed.