calculate gastronomy rates

at calculate gastronomy rates is the name of the program. The Gastro computer calculates the optimal sales price for prepared food and beverages. Add the ingredients together with traders purchase prices and recipes, including the amount of used ingredients and the price calculator automatically calculates the monetary outlay per preparation. If desired, the amount of monthly remote courts is also taken into account, and the bottom line results in a calculation of all plus or minus worst shops along with graphical analysis.

calculate gastronomy ratescalculate gastronomy rates: optimal selling prices for restaurants (Picture: CAD-KAS / Editorial)

Gastronomy rates calculate: enter your home information

The user interface of the Gastrokalkulators with the unwieldy name "calculate gastronomy rates" obvious at first glance. The interface is divided into the areas of master data, ingredients, recipes, sales and evaluation. Here users define all necessary data in not quite contemporary, but quite functional input masks. All necessary fields filled, the evaluation is available immediately. To get a feel for the handling, it is recommended that first a trial court with a few ingredients to create.

Enter Master Data

The master data are divided into the riders food and drinks. Here one creates groups that display individual meals and Ausschänke categorize later. In addition, it sets the target for the cost of sales ratio, ie the profit in relation to set monetary outlay to each group.

enter ingredients

As the name suggests, each ingredient used, including supplier and price will be deposited per volume and assigned to a group here. Units one defines itself. Entered ingredients can be edited later. In addition, a search function helps later retrieval if the list is even longer. The ingredients can be exported as a CSV file or imported or printed as a list.

entering recipes

Analogous to the ingredients create custom recipes, including optional image, and assign them to a group. Now, the ingredients used together with the quantity to be purely clicked per preparation from the recipe list and entered into the actual sales price, it will automatically calculate gross & Net EK, contribution margin, cost of sales ratio and the calculated CV. Practical: In addition to a description of the recipe can insert. Also entered recipes or any calculation you will print on demand or export them as a CSV file.

enter sales

In the sales mask give Resto-operators to the individual selling meals per day, plus a separate calendar is integrated. That means choosing court, select day and pure click volumes. The entries directly result in a summary of monthly sold portions and the monthly and annual sales. Sales can be found using the search function and display sorted by filter by product and on request day. Search results or the total list exported gastronomy rates calculate per click as a CSV file.

Start Evaluation: After entering

If the entries are fully covered, the profit computer supplies by clicking the button evaluating a tabular and graphical evaluation. Which is sorted by product categories and shows the monthly net sales. The desired display period is bounded on request by date entry and of course, here are the Export to CSV, and a print function ready.

Gastronomy rates calculate evaluationEvaluation of the gastronomy rates calculate (Picture: CAD-KAS / Editorial)

Practical helper with standard look

Although the practical helper for Gastro-operator does not look pretty, but it supports useful in calculating CVs, including any sales and purchase prices. The software is aimed apparently at smaller companies, which clearly visible through the relatively low selling price. All in all, a seemingly very useful tool with smaller Operating the generic weaknesses and standard outfit. The trial version is limited to the entry of ten ingredients and five recipes, allowing a quite meaningful test.

calculate limitations of gastronomy rates

Limited functionality in the trial: You can create a maximum of 10 ingredients and up to 5 recipes.