Of the Recordify download brings an advanced audio recorder to the computer. The software records everything that is played on the computer. With one click, a recording can be started and stopped as easily again. In addition, the tool provides support for recording music streams like Spotify and Google Play Music. Favorite songs can be so enjoy the go and without an Internet connection.

The Recordify download turns the PC into a tape recorder for Spotify & Co.

After Recordify download and run the utility everything can be recorded, reflecting the sound card of the computer. From music streaming via radio plays up to the sound track of YouTube videos all audio tracks can record and save for their own collection. Especially comfortable thanks to the specially developed Recognition © technology is. So that individual tracks from the stream Spotify or Google Play Music is collected and stored separately. At the same time the most important information such as title or artist are automatically recognized and named the file accordingly. The formats are MP3 or FLAC to choose from. With an audio quality with up to 320 kbps virtually no audible difference to the original recording is available.

Recordify downloadAfter Recordify download record streamed songs. Images: Abelssoft.

Free version with extensive functions

Recordify is available in two versions. In the free version the following functions are included:

  • Recording of everything that happens the sound card
  • Automatic cutting of MP3 streams (optimized for Spotify and Google Play Music)
  • Automatic identification and naming songs
  • File formats MP3 or FLAC in audio quality of up to 320 kbps

The extras of the Plus version

Even more convenient it comes with the premium version that must be purchased for ten euros and offers the following extras:

  • Advertising is automatically detected and filtered out
  • Customizable settings for automatic file naming

Is it legal songs from Spotify & receive Co.?

Here, the Copyright Act, § 53 reproductions for private and other personal use. It states: ". Permitted individual copies of a work are made by a natural person for private use on any medium, provided that they are neither directly nor indirectly commercial purposes, unless not used for copying a template manifestly unlawful produced or made publicly available" There adheres both Spotify and in Goolge Play Music to legally acceptable documents, it is first safe, therefore, to make copies.

However, there is a catch, namely the terms and conditions of the provider. In the terms and conditions of Spotify says: "The following is not allowed:. To copy any part of the Spotify services or content [...] to reproduce, [...] record" And in the terms of Google Play Music is at the point read recording of streams, "you can Google Play or the content is not used in conjunction with software for copying or recording streams or similar software to record contents that are provided as a stream, or copy."

Thus there are users after Recordify download in a legal gray zone. On the one currently threatening any legal consequences if copies are made without any financial interest in the purely private use. Secondly, there is a breach of the terms and conditions of the provider, which can lead to account suspension. In the case of Spotify that is safe to cope; contrast, Android users have significantly poorer cards at a Goolge Play lockout, since the entire Goolge account is affected.