stop high Google Play services Battery use

Many users complain about the high battery-consumption of their Android devices. As can be noted, especially pull Google Play services Battery. more how to curb the consumption here!

The Google Play services are an important system application that ensures the functioning and cooperation of Google services and third-party apps. Normally, the application is pre-installed on Android devices. Is not that the case, or to update the app, you can download the Google Play services here. Although they are so important, they have a crucial weakness: Draw immense amount of battery.

Google Play services Battery

Why use Google Play services battery?

It has been frequently shown that when people are suspicious about an extremely high battery consumption, play services from Google were decisive. This is partly because the application is deeply rooted in the Android system, a shutdown of the program is therefore not possible. If you were to give up the app, however, you would have to expect problems. So some apps do not run then and the stability of the system would be at risk as, for example, automatic updates of applications accounts etc.

In addition, the program continuously performs processes in the background. This has - as found - meant that the phone can not go into power saving mode. Not even when the display is off. This makes of course immediately in battery consumption noticeable. So losses between 20 and 40 percent of the battery life were perceived in short periods.

Who previously had no problems, but then all of a sudden made the smartphone limp, should look at the latest apps. Because the system application communicates a lot with other apps, it may be that one particular app at Google Play services Battery use is to blame.

Tips to reduce battery consumption

To scale down the consumption, there is no real universal solution. Instead, the user must apply some tricks to make its Google Play services battery friendly. The options you should try again:

  • (1) Cache & Delete data: A variant, to save battery power is to clear the cache and data of the app. For this the user navigates to the apps. There the Google Play services are listed, click on the app and thus open the app info. There now press two buttons: Clear cache and data.

Google Play Services Cache Battery

  • Force (2) Stop: Drag the Google Play services battery as before, can possibly help pay the service a mandatory break. This option is also in the app info. There simply click force to stop and the services go down once fully and can then be restarted.

Google Play services Battery Stop

  • update (3) Software: Has been found no improvement, the user can perform a software update. For this, he goes to the phone settings. He clicks on Info and the option receives in a new screen software update. click this area and then - if any - perform updates.

Google Play services Battery Software Update

  • (4) updating applications: The same game can be carried out with the apps which can be updated via the Google Play Store. If the Play Store opened, the user goes through the menu in My Apps. There, all available updates are displayed and can be brought by clicking Update All to date.

Google Play services Battery Apps Update

  • (5) Turn off location services Those who want to save battery power only temporarily, if they are not in use, turn off the location services. This area is hidden behind the settings and location.

  • (6) Ethnic Cleansing Apps: From whom all the previous steps were only semi-successful and one is still too high Google Play services battery consumption of the agenda, can help with additional software. So there are apps that ensure that currently unused apps are simply switched off. A good partner for this is the Clean Master for Android.