Ambulance Simulator

Ambulance Simulator

At the Ambulance Simulator Download the player takes on the skin of a rescue worker. In versatile emergency and rescue operations one hurries in the ambulance with sirens and flashing lights through the streets of the virtual world.

Ambulance Simulator Download: Lifesaver in use

Core simulation at Ambulance Simulator 2014 is the career mode. At the beginning of the simulation you go as a simple ambulance driver at the start. The tasks in career mode are varied: in addition to routine operations such as ambulance services you have to arrive at the site and take the proper first aid measures in emergencies of all kinds as rapidly as possible. For the inserts various vehicles such as ambulances, ambulance and emergency ambulances are available in the ambulance simulator. All vehicles were built realistic down to the smallest detail by.

Ambulance Simulator Download

Ambulance Simulator 2014 with realistically modeled inserts

To get quickly in emergencies to the hospital or the accident, then either targeted to blue lights and sirens in the virtual road. To be successful, one must next driving skills and competently interact with colleagues, patients and equipment. The ambulance simulator 2014 makes simulation fans and people with heart Samaritan equally fun. The realistically modeled inserts draw the daily lives of rescue workers to digital. As in real life after use is always the same again before use.