Brain It On! sought solution to all levels? Found! 2023

Brain It On! sought solution to all levels? Found!

The physics game has quite a kick. Drivers who do not know what to do when a task is here Brain It On! solution for all levels. So just look here and then toss!

The Brain It On! App Download looks suspiciously like a new cult-game. As with most of this type – once started, you can not put aside it. Here, however, consistently physical skills are requested. All who have been paying attention in physics class, probably do not need help …

Brain It On! solutionBrain It On! Solution for all levels at a glance

Brain It On! Solution: All Level Overview

Those who have slept frequently in physics, which could under certain circumstances, one or the other level of Brain It On! need a little food for thought. We want to be happy to help. We have shown the solutions in the form of screenshots below. There is also below the link to a YouTube video – in which all levels are played and you can watch how the approach is drawn.

Solutions for Level 1-20

The first levels of brain training app are still relatively simple. This is first necessary to understand the principle of the game. As required by the user to meet with drawings of any objects the required task. For example, to start a ball moves upset a glass or balls are moved in a glass. This scheme runs through all levels, will from time to time but tricky. For the food for thought at the beginning, here are the Brain It On! Solution of the levels 1 to twentieth

  Brain It On! zocht oplossing voor alle niveaus? Gevonden!

Note: The order of the level can vary under certain circumstances. But based on the screenshots should be able to find the level sought quickly.

Brain It On! solution 1-6Solution of the Level 1-6

Brain It On! solution 7-12Solution of the Level 7-12

Brain It On! solution 13-18Solution of Level 13-18

Brain It On! solution 19-20Solution of Level 19-20

Solutions for Brain It On! Level 21-40

In our many tasks in which magnets should be moved in any way appeared in the levels 21 to 30. Sometimes they should meet, are then in turn separated. From about level 30 complex objects like a maze then were added. We have cracked it anyway – here comes the Brain It On! Solution for level 21-40.

Brain It On! solution 21-26Solution of Level 21-26

Brain It On! solution 27-32Solution of Level 27-32

Brain It On! solution 33-38Solution of Level 33-38

Brain It On! solution 39-40Solution of Level 39-40

Solutions for Level 41-60

Similarly tricky it continues over the next 20 levels. Often, not even enough that you draw only one object. Sometimes you need more or needs while example the yellow ball is moving quickly respond and add additional objects to cause a change in direction. Who has a small trailer here once – no problem – we have the solutions for Level 41-60 together.

Brain It On! solution 41-46Solution of Level 41-46

Brain It On! solution 47-52Solution of Level 47-52

Brain It On! solution 53-58Solution of Level 53-58

Brain It On! solution 59-60Solution of Level 59-60

Walkthrough: All solutions Brain It On!

If you miss at this point other solution screenshots, do not panic: The game is not over, yet someone has to do without the solutions sought. Thus, the brain training app has in fact still around another 80 levels in store. Who needs a food for thought for those tasks, the below Walkthrough video can look. It is the Brain It On! up to level 140 to see the solution.

  Brain It On! sought solution to all levels? Found!