The Diet Diary helps nutrition-conscious people in controlling their own diet. With the freeware the user logs the caloric intake and detected additional information, such as weight and fitness activity.

Diet Diary for download for the fight against excess kilos

With free diet diary download by referring to the fight against excess kilos. The health administrator captures the nutritional and personal goals for the optimization of its own weight. The freeware displays via a small picture if you have just a normal weight, under- or overweight. Who consistently enters all meals at the administrators will be rewarded with a detailed overview of the intake of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Change in their eating habits as a precondition

The Diet Diary are constantly a good overview of their own diet progress. The tool can the changes on its own weight naturally only manage and not conjure. In order to gain long term the objective desired weight and especially to maintain, are usually a fundamental change in their eating habits and increased physical activity requirement. The freeware supports the user, this to keep track.

Diet Diary Download

The diet diary contains a comprehensive database of food

Under the heading objectives you wear after Diet Diary Download first the current personal data and their own desires one. Importantly the food section, which contains a comprehensive database of food. These are divided into 16 categories and include more than 600 different foods. The list can be supplemented manually if desired. Useful is the ability to festzhalten own notes and comments to Notes. This can be up to 2,000 characters. By search function, the user can browse the notes for specific words.

Interesting statistics about weight, food, activity and energy balance

In the category of activity is noted not only his sporting activities, but also everyday work. are of walking and cycling up to the bed rest and a light, seated work all kinds of sports, leisure and daily activities included to record the calorie consumption. The statistics finally gives a good insight into the following areas: weight, diet, fat, protein, carbohydrates, activity and energy balance. Other programs in the field "eat & Drink" You will find in our software catalog for free download.

Diet Diary Download

Good motivational speaker against "weaker" With the Diet Diary you sit measurable goals for weight loss and control their own eating habits. The helper logs every day body weight and helps as a motivational speaker against "weaker", The digital diary Sun provides valuable support on the difficult path of weight loss and facilitates the documentation of progress. The own successes are presented as graphs and displayed as the weight loss clearly.