Panda Pop 2023

Panda Pop

In the cute Panda Pop App is the player to worried Panda mother who wants to save their babies. For the liberation of the little ones, the player countless Bubble Shooter tasks must provide. Above all, a good eye and accuracy are needed in the increasingly difficult levels.

Panda Pop app: bailout in the jungle

The Californian game makers of SGN have specialized in puzzles and Bubble shooter with cute graphics. A typical example is the present game with panda bears to the almost dramatic story was knitted. So is the starting point of the app that the sneaky baboon has kidnapped the helpless little panda babies. The mother of the little balls of wool is naturally outraged and now all it can to free her children from captivity in the jungle. Thus, the player takes on the role of Panda Mama and now has to cope with many challenges in order to free the baby. As cute as the story is the whole graphics of the game.

Panda Pop App

The game can be played on Facebook and is available as an app for iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices. To The latter is at present download that can be installed on devices from version 4.0. The game is free, but there are in-app purchases.

Task of Gamers in Panda Pop Android

In order to free the little Panda Boy, the user must solve various levels of a typical Bubble Shooter game. At the top of the screen different colored balls are attached, which you have to make them explode. The player stands with his panda at the bottom of the screen and must now aim and thus form combinations with his ball on same-colored rows of balls. The larger the number, the more points deliver the burst balls. So the user must aim sent.

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Power-ups Increasing the impact

In the Panda Pop app around 1000 levels are waiting for the player – boring so it will not. In addition, the tasks are, the higher you ascend, the level ladder, becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore, one should keep in any case out for power-ups. Of which there are fortunately quite a few – and especially many with different effects.

help friends on Facebook

Who links the app with his Facebook account, you can also get friends to help – and of course vice versa. So you can give each other life and play together. Incidentally, one can play his Panda Mission on multiple platforms or devices because the scores are transferred.