CCleaner for Android

Over the years, so some accumulates on computer systems on of data. Much of this can or should even delete, because it blocks unnecessary reserves. The CCleaner is therefore a popular tool to clean up on desktop systems. But the popular tool, there are more recently for smartphones: ccleaner Android. Finally, smart phones also are computer systems, but just a little smaller.

Ccleaner Android deletes junk data

If the system is lame, whether desktop or smartphone, then there is the often mind that has settled over time unnecessary clutter on the system. For Android users is available with Ccleaner Android an app that caters specifically for this problem on smartphones. Piriform, the maker of the world's popular software for cleaning PCs and Macs, it has developed. The Ccleaner app removes the garbage and brings the mobile phone so again in full swing.

ccleaner Android

App scans for unnecessary files on the system

After installing the Ccleaner for Android scours the system in the right places for excess baggage. are recognized as cache residues, browser histories, call logs, Download folder, clipboard and more. These can then be removed easily via checkboxes. Call logs and text messages, for example, either individually, collected, will be deleted per contact or by age. In this way, cleaned and optimized system is accelerated again.

Ccleaner Android browser history

Clean-up tool for mobile helps to monitor OS

The Ccleaner app also helps free up storage on Android smartphones and tablets again about uninstalling unwanted apps helps. The operation of cleaning the devil is very simple and fast out of hand. The app also helps to monitor the Android operating system more efficiently in future. So one has to Ccleaner Android not only the load on the processor is always in the eye, but also the memory and internal memory. In addition, the application checks the state of charge and the temperature of the battery.

Ccleaner Android Memory Usage

Easy to use and reliable Putzteufel from Piriform Who needs all the apps that are preinstalled on new androids? It is estimated that no one! They steal only unnecessary disk space and slow the smartphone over the years along with all the other dispensable data such as cache residues, browser histories, call logs and more. Only one additional app is necessary to put an end to all. Ccleaner Android is available for free as an APK in our download area. The ad-free app comes from renowned manufacturers Piriform, who published the CCleaner already one of the most popular free system cleanup tools for Mac and Windows systems. The same good service also handles the Ccleaner for Android. The app installs quickly, requires little memory and frees the phone reliable and targeted by all kinds of garbage.