eBay Classifieds for iPad

With eBay Classifieds iPad can not only search ads in the immediate area, but also give free classifieds yourself users. The iOS app will provide full access to over eleven million listings from more than 280 categories. There is already a lot of free software for eBay to download. No wonder! The US-based eBay Inc. still operates one of the most popular and largest internet auction houses and, connected to it, one of the most visited classifieds portals in Germany.

eBay Classifieds iPad

eBay Classifieds iPad runs on all versions with iOS7 or higher

Although there is still no original application for the Apple iPad, the eBay Classifieds app for the iPhone is still fully compatible with the tablet PC from Apple. The only requirement for using the operating system iOS7 or later. So that the application is not just for the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone suitable 6 Plus, but for the vast majority of iPad versions that have passed since the spring of 2011 in circulation, including mini iPad with Retina display, iPad Air and iPad.

Over 11 million listings in over 280 categories

With eBay Classifieds iPad users can search in Germany probably most frequently visited classifieds site for advertisements. And: Using GPS or entering place names can narrow the search for specific offers in the immediate area. Everything is in the process of used car on rent, used furniture, clothing for children up to Job - eBay Classifieds for iPad offers full access to eBay's classifieds market with an average of over eleven million advertisements, neatly organized into over 280 categories.

eBay Classifieds iPad screenshots

Classified Listings own with the classifieds app for the iPad

But offers from different categories such as car, bike & To search boat or real estate or domestic, is not anything you can do with the classifieds app for the iPad. Users can also set yourself free listings. All one has to do is select a category from the more than 280 categories, enter a description text and, at best, provide a photo of it.

VoiceOver allows the visually impaired to operate the iPad app

Among the comfort features include voice-over and the call to external map applications on the detail page. The cards feature simplifies the contact or the decision process. VoiceOver screen reader software from Apple. The software enables the blind and visually impaired operating an Apple computer via keyboard and voice input and make sure that operation of eBay Classifieds iPad.

eBay Classifieds iPad Property

eBay Classifieds easily search from your iPad and find The higher the number of users, the higher the probability that found on a classified site's own advertisements a seller, and that, conversely, the more quickly find what you are looking. All this is set in Germany remains with eBay. With eBay Classifieds iPad can do the searching and finding comfortable on Apple's Tablet PC. Thanks to GPS and location input function to quickly find the relevant options in the area and using the VoiceOver feature also visually impaired can buy and sell with the iPad.