Joe numbered multiple files automatically and allows a comfortable renaming files via reusable mask. Replacing your existing name components is possible. Quickly and easily can be created with Joe default names of elements such as date or time. These can be combined with their own names or a counter. A preview presents all new file name in a list before the renaming. The operation is quite simple. The files are to be renamed in the drag'n'drop "list of candidates" pulled by Joe. Then one enters the renaming mask and click OK. Joe does not work with cryptic question marks and asterisks, but with placeholders in plain text. So it is not here. was, but [name]. [type]. In addition to based on the file name wildcards Joe has to offer with the file counter a special extra. This is useful if, for example, various files with similar contents with very different names exist, such as a photo collection. They may be simply numbered based on the counter. Joe takes over renaming any files by mask, script or counter. Who often copied pictures of his digital camera to the PC, has with Joe a useful resource to hand which saves a lot of time and typing.