In order to Thunderbird to export the address book, it does not take much effort. secure the stored e-mail addresses now!

The free open source email client Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most popular in its field. Here you can download the latest version of Thunderbird free.

In the event that you still want to switch to a different email client, or you want to use the Thunderbird at multiple locations separately, you can export the Thunderbird address book. How it works exactly as described in the following instructions.

export the Thunderbird address book in four steps!

In just four steps, the address of Thunderbird can be exported. How it works in detail:

  1. After Mozilla Thunderbird was started, click on the menu icon at the top right.

  2. It then opens a new context menu. Here you select the first item "Tools", then the item "Address Book". Alternatively, you can call the address book on the top menu bar. Simply select the tab "Tools" and select "Address Book" in the next drop-down menu. Ctrl + Shift + B does the same. After opening the address book, it takes much fewer steps to export the Thunderbird address book. And so to go from here

  3. In the new view with the stored e-mail addresses is chosen again to "Tools" and then "Export" the pointExport Thunderbird Address Book

  4. Next to a new dialog box will appear and you can select the location for the collected and exported e-mail addresses.

So you can import the addresses at Thunderbird again

With relatively little effort, the exported e-mail addresses in Thunderbird can import again. To do this, first open the Thunderbird again and navigating to the Address Book view. As described in the previous section, this has three different routes to choose from. Users can either use the Ctrl + Shift + B or the menu icon in the upper right ( "Extras" > "Address Book") or - the third option - the items "Extras" > "Address Book" in the top menu bar. In the new Address Book view is then selected again to select "Tools", but then clicks instead of "exporting" on the "Import".

RSS feeds can be exported and imported

Since 2003, Mozilla Thunderbird is on the market. Meanwhile, the program of the Mozilla Foundation has long been more than just a program to write, receive and manage emails and is available after the paid competition from Microsoft in terms of system stability and functionality in anything. So you can use it as a reliable feed reader the Thunderbird, for example. Of course, RSS feeds can be exported from Thunderbird and import again.